How To Browse With Glo Blackberry Subscription on Nokia Phones

Recently, I shared how to use Globacom Blackberry internet subscription on computer, iPad/iPhone and Android devices. Since then, I have received several mails and texts from Nokia users, asking me if the Glo BIS can also work on their Nokia phones.

Well, as at the time of publishing this, the Glo BIS works perfectly on Nokia phones. If you can set up a "personal configuration", using "" as the Access Point Name(APN), you will be able to browse with the Glo BIS on your Nokia.

How To Get Started

==>  Subscribe to Globacom BIS with your Glo SIM.
Text "coweek" to 777 for N400/week plan and text "comonth" to 777 for N1400/month plan.

==> On your Nokia phone, go to Settings ; Configuration.
==> Scroll down till you see “Personal Settings”. Select it.  
==> Click on “Options”, select “Add New”. Choose “Access Point”
==> You will see : “Account name” and “Access Point Settings”. 
==> Enter "GloBIS” or any name as the “Account name”
==> Thereafter, Select “Access Point settings”, then “Bearer settings”.  You will then see a list of settings you can change.  Just edit them as listed below:

Packet data access pt =
Network type = IPv4
Authentication  type = Normal
Username = (leave blank)
Password = (leave blank)

==> Once you are done, just select “Back” 3 times.  You should see the new APN you created in a list under “Personal accounts” with a G-like icon.

Activating the Access Point

==> From Menu, go to Settings ; Connectivity ; Packet Data.
==> You will see: “Packet Data Connection” and “Packet Data Settings”.
==> Set “Packet Data Connection to “Always Online” .
==> Then select  “Packet Data Settings”. You will see: “Active Access Point” and “Edit Active Access Point”. 
==> Select “Active Access Point”  and you should see a list of Access Points.
==> Select the one you created above (which I named GloBIS as explained above) and select “Activate”.

Web Settings Configuration

==> From Menu, go to Settings ; Configuration. 
==> Scroll down till you see “Personal Settings”. Select it. 
==> Then click on “Options”, click “Add New”. Choose “Web”.  
==> You will then see a list of settings you can change.  Just edit them as listed below:

Account Name = GlobacomBIS  ( This can be any name)
Homepage = ( This can be any web/wap url)
Username = (leave blank)
Password = (leave blank)
Use preferred access pt = Yes

==> Once you are done, just select “Back”. You should see the new web setting you created in a list under “Personal accounts” with a ball-like icon.
==> Thereafter, highlight the Web setting, select “Options” and select “Activate”.

Phone Configuration

==> From Menu, Go to Settings ; Configuration.  You will see: “Default config. settings” , “Default in all apps” , “Preferred Access Point” and “Personal Settings”. Just edit them as listed below:

Default config. settings =  choose “Personal config”
Default in all apps = Yes
Preferred Access Point = choose the Access Point created earlier (GloBIS)
Personal settings = Just leave it the way it is

Configuring Your Phone’s Web Browser

==> From Menu, Go to “Internet”. Scroll down till you see “Web Settings”. Select it. 
==> Scroll down to “Configuration Settings”. Select it. You will see: “Configuration” and “Account”. ==> Select “Configuration” and choose “Personal config” from the list. 

This simply ensures that your phone’s browser uses the “personal configuration” you created manually.

That’s all.

If you insert a Globacom SIM with active Blackberry internet subscription into the phone, you should be able to browse the internet with it.

I hope it works for you.

Kindly let me hear from you via comments.

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  1. Great..but will this glo bis also work on Nokia Lumia has explained above?

  2. Great. Do you know if BIS from MTN, Zain & Eti also work like this?

  3. Jide you are goood. Will check it out asap. Glo for life

  4. Anonymous2/07/2013



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