How to Build an Income Generating Blog (Blogger or WordPress) from the Start

Every year, I keep getting emails, Facebook messages and Twitter DMs from people who are new to blogging and wants to create or start a blog that can generate income for them. The truth is, it is not very easy to build a blog that would generate you income. This is why I wrote several posts about it on my blog in 2010.

The good news (lol) is, you can now have the steps you need to follow so as to build an income generating blog right at your finger tip. I have packaged the steps in a guide you will be getting for free today. The guide would help you in the. It will provide you the steps you need to follow so you would avert several mistakes you could make.

For those interested in building an income generating WordPress blog, please download the free guide on WordPress blogs by clicking here

For those interested in building an income generating Blogger blog, please download the free guide on Blogger blogs by clicking here

The guide for WordPress blog is packaged by me - Adesoji Adegbulu, while the guide for Blogger blogs is packaged by Jide Ogunsanya,

In these guides, you will find stuffs related to

==> How to set up your blog
==> How to choose a productive niche
==> How to choose the best domain name
==> How to install WordPress, themes and plugins
==> How to choose theme/template for your blog
==> How to backup your blogs
==> How to write, preview, schedule, save and publish a blog post
==> How to secure your blogs
==> How to get your blogs indexed on Google faster
==> How to add labels/categories to your blog posts
==> How to choose the right keywords for your blog
==> How to insert links inside blog posts
==> How to add image, videos etc to your blog posts
==> How to register for Google Adsense
==> Ways you can monetize a blog
==> How to get traffic for your blog
==> Resources and recommendations for bloggers

...and lots more

Go ahead and get your copy for WordPress Blog and/or Blogger Blog

Also, don't forget to subscribe to this blog, so you can get the updated versions everytime there is an update on these ebooks/guides.



  1. I glad i am here in time. My copy of the eBook is right on my PC. Thanks Adesoji and thanks Jide.

    1. That's cool Emmanuel... Make good use of it. Thanks

  2. Thanks for the information, Nice one!

  3. Wow!!!!....i rilly luv dis i nid ur help o

    1. Glad you love it. How do you need help?

  4. Two heavy weight player in the game. I must have the package bro.

  5. Thanks for the info. Just moved from blogger to wordpress coz i think wordpress is more phone-friendly. Will get back to you with my questions when i go thru d doc. Tnx once again..

  6. Anonymous9/11/2014

    Eric owner at u just sved a soul thanks dude


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