How To Use Google Adwords To Advertise on OgbongeBlog

If you will prefer to use Google Adwords to advertise your business, blog or website on Ogbongeblog instead of the direct advert placement option, kindly follow the steps highlighted below:

==> Log in to
==> Click "New Campaign"
==> Choose "Display Networks Only".
==> Enter a campaign name e.g "Campaign On OgbongeBlog"
==> Scroll to "Locations and languages" and select the country you want to target.
==> Scroll to "Bidding and budget" and select "AdWords will set my bids to help maximize clicks within my target budget"

==> In the budget per day box, enter the amount you can afford to spend per day
==> Click "Save and continue"
==> You will see a new page. Enter a name in the "Ad group Name" box
==> Choose "Use a different targeting method", then "Placements"

==> Under "Placements" section, click "Add multiple placements at once"
==> Enter "" in the space provided and click "add".

==> Click "Save and continue"
==> You will see the new page where you will create your ad. Create your ad and click "done".

==> Once Google approves your ad, it will start displaying on Ogbongeblog.

That's all.

You can always log in to your Adwords account anytime to track the performance of your ads.

I hope this helps.

If any question, please let me know via comments.

Don't know how to pay Google for the ads, read "How To Pay for Ads If You Want To Advertise Using Google Adwords".



James said…
I salute you Jide. You are really a Pro and not those kids wasting their time blogging. I really love this post..but why did you suggest the "automatic bidding"? What if I enter my bid manually?
Bloging Tips said…
Thanks for sharing this. i was saving money to buy ad space on your blog and i found out this would be a good alternative :D
Anonymous said…
Automatic Bidding will eat up your budget,

i sugest you enter a bib price and increase
the price along the line if you didn;t get a
lot of impressions.

that my 2cents
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Both options have pro and cons.
Jide Ogunsanya said…
With automatic bidding, you can be rest assured that your ads will be displayed by Google on my blog. You can change it back to manual in the long run.

If you set it to manual when you are creating the ad, you might enter a cpc that will be too low to get your site displayed by Google on my blog.
Hmm! Sir that's a great innovation.

Lawrence said…
are you saying we can use this option to target our Ads on AdWords to any targeted site?