AABNigeria.com: Get Paid in Naira For Writing Articles

  • Do you know content writing is one of the ways you can make money from home which can help you generate consistent passive income month after month?
  •  Do you know there is a Nigerian website where you can make make money online writing articles and get paid in Naira without Paypal account?
That's exactly what I am revealing to you today.

And guess what? You don't even require a website or blog to get started. No Experience Needed. You don't need a Paypal account either. You simply get paid in Naira.

--- You contribute articles when you want
--- Write on anything that others will find interesting or informative or both.
--- Generate passive income through performance payments


So, Where Do I Start?

====> www.aabnigeria.com/write-for-us

....but wait.

Below are some answers to the questions I asked the content manager of the site:

==> How much will you pay per article and what are the terms?

Writers will be paid from the advertising revenue generated from the site monthly.

Articles can be on any topic of choice (500 words minimum).

After a successful application, writers will be given a password to the training center where new writers can learn about blogging/writing for the internet, how to know the best money making topics and lots more.

==> So, it's not pay per article?

No, it's not.

==> So, if you fail to generate money from advertisements, writers won't be payed?

We will generate money from advertisement. We are planning to use Google Adsense and other ad networks so adverts will definitely be served. This and other terms have been addressed in the "writer's agreement" which will be available to writers after a successful application.

==> That means you are only going to share the advertisement revenue of adverts that appear on the articles published by the writers, right? Just like it's done at hubpages ..etc?

Not really.

Writers will not be paid based on the revenue generated directly from their articles. They will be payed based on the revenue generated from the whole website. What each writer will eventually get will be different as we have created a special algorithm for that. We did this to prevent click fraud and to reward hard work rather than just lucky clicks on adverts.

==> Cool. So, what is the minimum earning before payment can be issued out? 


==> So, the more articles writers publish, the more money they can make?

Yes. That's very correct

==> Right now, you don't have much posts on the site and no ads..

Well, if we have enough posts we won't be looking for writers right? :)

There are no ads on the site yet because we don't have enough content. We just signed a deal with one of Google Adsense certified partners. They will help us with integration and optimization of the Adsense ads. As soon as we have enough content we'll place the ads from Adsense and other ad networks.


It’s a good idea to write articles for any website to earn money BUT you should do it only to make extra income and do not expect to get rich overnight from this type of work.

Want to be paid monthly for each of your articles? Apply Now!

                  Go to AABNigeria to start making money from writing articles on the internet.


  1. Anonymous2/20/2013

    Sounds interesting but why would the owners of the site be paying writers? Can't they write and keep all the money?

    1. I believe it should be a new blog and they might be looking for great and quality content.Its just one of the easiest way to build a new site. Though it requires that extra Cash.

  2. Nice concept there. AT least, no paypal is required like many similar sites out there.

  3. this is amazing. sound too good to be true. is not matter of writing article on there site is matter of getting paid by said company.

  4. Its a nice concept though and i hope it will assist nigerians who have written skills but aren't making money online

  5. Nice concept. But for me i would prefer writing for my two blogs and get paid directly from google. :)

  6. Nice thing tho. But I prefer sites that pay per article. If available..

  7. Anonymous3/07/2013

    The idea is very ok, but the presentation of the idea makes the idea unbelievable. What I am saying is that people will not trust you much bcos you have not got enough traffic to guarantee that you will pay like you advertised. In my own opinion, I would rather go to schools and pay teachers and intelligent students to generate content for me and when I have gathered enough content and traffic, i can come outside there and help Nigerians, not with the entire revenue of the site but per user article and how useful the article is.

  8. Good work Jide. I think writers need to be rewarded for their efforts. writing genuine articles is not an easy work

  9. Great information! These are really great ways an inspired writer can earn a living from their blog. Thanks for sharing! https://www.linkedin.com/company/redgage-llc


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