Etisalat Web Messaging : Send BulkSMS To All Networks in Nigeria

You can now send SMS to multiple phone users on all networks in Nigeria at the same time using Etisalat webSMS portal. Etisalat web messaging is a flexible, easy to use bulk messaging service that enables you to send large volumes of messages to family and friends on all networks in Nigeria. The service offers the flexibility of SMS scheduling and sending SMS in various formats.

The SMS portal is directly linked to your mobile phone, SMS sent from the portal deducts airtime directly from your main account balance. The cost of the message will be deducted from your airtime before the message is sent. You can send SMS to a minimum of 20 and above.

You can schedule SMS (compose the SMS and set the time you want it to be sent) but you CANNOT customize your sender ID. Recipients of your SMS will see the SMS coming from your phone number.

How To Get Started

==> Go to

==> You will see the "click here to get started" button. Click it

==> A new window will pop up. Enter your Etisalat phone number, generate your password and follow the instruction.

That's all.


  1. Nice innovation but would only make sense to me if cheaper than using bulkSMS portals. Why should I pay more when I can't even use any SENDER ID?

  2. Anonymous2/08/2013

    good info...JIDE


  3. with this i guess bulk sms business will be out or what do you think

    1. I doubt it. This is still more expensive and you can't use any SENDER ID.


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