Give Your Friends a (Valentine) Gift using Facebook Card

Yea, almost everyone knows that February 14th is Valentine's Day. Some celebrate it like there is no tomorrow while others celebrate it as if it doesn't exist. My belief is that, everyday is the day you should show your TRUE love to your friends and your enemies. :) Now, you can give gifts to your Facebook friends easily with the new Facebook Card.

Starting on January 31st, people (in the United States) can now give their friends gifts via Facebook.

Facebook Gift Cards

Here's how it works:

1. Select a gift for your friend from the Gift Cards & Digital category.

2. Choose a value and complete your purchase. Your friend will be notified instantly about your gift, and will receive a Facebook Card few days later. Your friend can then use the card at the retailer you've chosen for the amount you’ve gifted.

It is as simple as that.

Also, Facebook Cards are reusable. After you've received a card, the next time you get a Facebook Card gift, it will instantly be added to your existing card. Your card can hold multiple gift balances, and each balance is dedicated to the retailer associated with the gift.

Your gift balances can be viewed in your account settings on Facebook from your phone or desktop. Facebook will let you know when balances change by sending a real-time notification to your phone.

The ability to send a Facebook Card gift will roll out gradually to people in the US.

Please note, this post is written for visitors in/from the USA.

I'm hoping it will get to Nigeria before Valentine's Day or sooner but I think that depends on if the so many eCommerce sites and good shopping centres we have in Nigeria can stand up to this.

Source: Facebook



Chioma said…
Interesting innovation there but if a Facebook friend in USA buys me the Facebook card, can I use it here in Nigeria?
Hi Adesoji, you got the right expression. It is true some people celebrate valentine like there's no tomorrow and I am number 1. But like you said, the best time to show friends and family love is every time. Cheers!
Hi Chioma, you can't use it in Nigeria yet. You will need to take the card to a participating store/shopping center and buy with the amount loaded on the card.
Wow. You are number 1? Nice... I should be expecting my gift then
Ester Ulaya said…
Nice post