Glo BIS Stopped Working On Your Computer Modem, Phones, iPad?

Recently, I shared the trick on how to use Globacom BIS to browse on computer, iPad/iPhone, Android and Nokia phones. I have been rocking it on my devices since then. Unfortunately, the trick stopped working on my devices since last night.

If I try to access any web page on my Apple iPad, I get a "PDP authentication failure" error message. Thereafter  the iPad safari browser will alert me that it can't open the page because the server stopped working.

If I try to connect using my Glo NetPro modem, it fails to connect and displays the "error 628: the connection was terminated by the remote computer before it could be completed".

On this thread at BloggersLab, many bloggers using the trick complained that it's no more working on their devices too but one of the members of the Facebook group, claimed the trick is still working fine on his computer. This is now making me to wonder if it's just some series of numbers that are affected or maybe he is just lucky.

I switched to the Airtel BIS trick and it's working for me though not stable. Guess, it's a network problem though.

Is the Glo BIS still working on your device apart from Blackberry? Please, let me hear from you via comments.

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  1. Mine stopped working this morning oo. Was planning to re-subscribe this night oo. Thank God have not done so.

  2. Anonymous2/19/2013

    My own is not even showing network anymore on my Samsung phone but if i change the apn to gloflat, the network bars appear. Pls, how does the Airtel BIS trick works?

  3. Anonymous2/19/2013

    dont knw wats happening o.are they stoping everything.l recently got an info that bb 10 doesnt work wth bis,and they r trying to remove this bis stuff bt not too sure

  4. Fatimah2/19/2013

    It stopped working with mine too, I've been trying to connect since yesterday. It shows the network bars but no name and yes I got the same remote computer terminated message. Annoying!

  5. Its random! mine is not working,but my friend;'s own is working.we are int he same city

  6. Anonymous2/20/2013

    Not working for me too ohh..Wetin i go do naw..if you have any other information please share

  7. Pls. Is there any solution to glo not connecting yet?


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