How To Clear All Call Logs on Nokia Asha 202

Yesterday, a friend of mine asked me to help him clear all the call logs on his Nokia Asha 202 if I can. He told me he can delete calls one by one but no way he can delete ALL calls at once even via "Call settings". I explored the phone and luckily for me, I discovered that call logs can be cleared via "Contacts". I deleted all the call logs for him and he was so happy. I decided to share this with you, who knows, it might be helpful.

If you press the send (green) key on the Nokia Asha 202, you will see the list of all your calls. Right there, you cannot delete all the calls at once but you can delete them one by one. To delete a particular call from the list, all you just need to do is to long press (press and hold) on the selected call, and press the delete option from the menu that will pop up.

So, How Do I Delete ALL Calls on the Nokia Asha 202?

==> Select "Menu"

==> Press "Contacts"

==> Press "Log"

==> Press "Clear Log Lists"

==> Press "All Call lists". This will delete all the missed calls, received calls and dialled numbers on your Nokia Asha 202.

That's all.

I hope this helps..

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  1. The phones sucks for not supporting Whatsapp.

  2. Anonymous6/20/2013

    thank u


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