How To Delete Call History On Blackberry

I find it so difficult in erasing the list of missed calls, outgoing calls and incoming calls on my Blackberry because BB does not have a menu option to "Delete all" calls. Having to delete logs for one call at a time becomes frustrating that I decided to search the internet for a solution. Fortunately, I stumbled on articles on how to delete call log on blackberry bold and decided to try the trick on my BB and it worked. I now delete all calls on my Blackberry instead of deleting them one by one.

Depending on the way you configure your BB, the phone logs are stored in two locations :

    ==> the Messages application and the Phone application.

If you want to delete your call history from the Messages application,

Open the "Messages" app -> Hit the "Menu" key, Select "View Folder" -> Phone Call Logs. Now highlight the date bar -> Hit "Menu" key -> select "Delete Prior".

If you STILL see your call history when your press the send (green) key and when you go to "phone" from the main menu, try the trick below:

==> Hit the "send" button
==> Press and hold down the shift button (the ^aA button)
==> Use the track ball to scroll down, to highlight multiple call logs
==> Hit the "menu" button and select "DELETE"

If you are using a touchscreen Blackberry, you can use one thumb to highlight the first call and then keep scrolling down with another finger till they are all blue then hit the red x in bottom left hand corner.

That's all.

Hope it works for you.

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Jumoke said…
The second method worked for me. Thanks Jide. You rock.
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Glad it worked for you. Have fun
Anonymous said…
the 2nd method worked for mi. thanks