How I Contact AdSense Directly and Receive Support via Email

Google recently announced in a blog post, an addition to the Adsense Help Center: a simplified, personalized contact options page. This page serves as a single source for many commonly used troubleshooters that can help you resolve your Adsense issue in minutes. In some cases, these troubleshooters lead to issue-specific contact forms that generate emails to the Adsense team.

The new contact options page, troubleshooters, and specialized contact forms are available to all publishers with an approved AdSense account but because I am currently earning more than $25 per week from Google Adsense, I am eligible for Adsense Email support. Hence, I can contact the Adsense team directly and receive a personal email reply within 2 business days.

Right from my personalized contact page, there is a link to an email contact form which I will have to fill anytime I need an email support. Once I complete the form, it generates an email to the Adsense specialists who try as much as possible to reply within two business days, though turnaround may be longer during certain holiday periods.

Want To Know if You are Qualified for Adsense Email Support?

Go to the Adsense personalized contact options page now.

What's your take on this new email support?

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  1. Jeremiah3/08/2013

    Nice one from Google. I just started blogging, yet to apply for Adsense. I will work hard so that I also can be eligible soon. I am relying on your adsense tutorials.

  2. Anonymous3/08/2013

    Too bad, it was limited to those with approved Adsense account. What I want from them is a way someone like me that has been banned can contact them directly.

    1. If your account has been disabled, there is a way you can contact the Adsense Adsense bro

  3. I have been applying for adsense for several times and i can not still succeed, please i'm looking up to you please.

  4. I'm really surprised that a big blog like yours just earns less than 30 dollars a week from adsense.
    Then you're certainly doing something wrong because my blog receives more than that.

    1. I didn't say am earning less than $30.

      The condition for you to be able to get support via email is that you must be earning more than $25 in a week. OK?

  5. Jeez, Kabenlah Cudjoe, please read between the lines!.
    I've been following Mr Jide on his blog for more than 2 years now.
    I'm a big fans of him, he's really a big motivation to me, and he's seriously earning more than THAT.
    Gosh, Mr jide is really Making Money online, he saids and i quote'

    "I am currently earning more than $25 per week from Google Adsense, so i am eligible for the Adsense Email support."

    So please, do read between the lines.
    He once made up to $26 with CHITIKA PER DAY!.

    Mr Jide, i so much love and appreciate your effort.
    Thanks alot Jide.
    Please can you add My blog to Your blog roll?
    Here's my blog.


    Thanks Sir, you're really GREAT.

    1. Thanks for the clarification bro. As for the blogroll, contact me via email pls

  6. WOOh, I love this new development from Adsense team, i pray, let them also change Nigeria Payment Gateway soon rather than DHL stuff

    1. I will be so glad if they can...

  7. Great information jide. I think is time is chat with google

  8. hello Bro, i did not see mine in the link below.
    Can you share a screen shot of how i can locate mine?
    Thanks alot...

    1. If you use a PC and earning more than $25 per week, you should see it bro.

  9. Nice one Jide please I sent you a mail on something I need help with, please check and help out....

  10. My Adsense got disabled and have submitted apology request just wondering why is Google taking long time to reply.


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