How To Check Airtel BIS Balance

Yesterday, while trying to browse the internet using the Airtel BIS trick on my laptop, web pages failed to open. I disconnected the connection, reconnected and the connection still refused to load any web page. I called a friend of mine and he advised me to check the MB balance of my Airtel BIS.

I sent "STATUS" as a text message to 440 but in the reply I received, I was only told that I have an active blackberry subscription, without  info of the MB I have.  I decided to try Facebook search to see if I can find a code I can use in checking the balance of Airtel BIS. Fortunately, I saw a USSD code, tried it and it worked.

So, What Is The Code for Checking Balance of Airtel BIS?

Just dial *141*11*0#

This Airtel code will display your remaining MB as well as the expiry date of your Airtel BIS unlike texting "STATUS" to 440 which only tells you whether your Airtel BIS is still valid or not.

I hope this helps.

If you need the code for checking the BIS balance for other networks, read: How to Check BIS Expiry Date of Etisalat, Airtel, Glo and MTN Blackberry Internet Service.


  1. Sir all that is coming to my mind right now is, keep the good work going. I knew of a code that is reliable but I never knew there's another code besides it. Once again, sir do well to keep the good work.

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  2. Anonymous2/24/2014

    Thank you very much ...Most helpful post I've seen on the Web so far ^_^


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