How To Use Post Office Address For Adsense Account

Many bloggers do contact me frequently, complaining to me that Google ads have stopped displaying on their blogs. This happens if you fail to verify your Google Adsense account with your Adsense verification PIN after Google might have issued the PIN to you. This PIN comes in a white envelope, to be delivered by mail, to the contact address you provided when registering for your Adsense account.

Though I don't really know why some bloggers don't receive their PIN despite having their correct addresses entered in their Adsense accounts but I guess most postmen probably find it difficult in tracing some addresses or they are just been lazy to deliver the PIN to some Addresses.

One thing I have noticed is that if you use a Post office address instead of your home address, the Adsense PIN will be delivered to you at the right time. I used my dad's postal address to receive my PIN and when I moved to Benue state, I opened my personal postal address, which I used in collecting some Adsense checks via standard delivery before changing my payment method to secure delivery which now makes my checks to be delivered to me via DHL.

So, How Do I Enter Postal Address in my Adsense Account?

If you have a postal address, which doesn't necessarily have to belong to you, you can use it by editing the contact information in your Adsense account.

Just follow the steps below:

==> Log in to

==> Click on "Account Settings"

==> Under "Account Information", click "edit address" and you should see something similar to the screenshot below:

==> Enter your PO Box number in the "Street address" box e.g P.O BOX 123

==> Enter the town the postal box is located as the "City/Town"

==> Click on the ? to find the postal code for the postal address at NIPOST website

==> Select your state from the drop down box and enter your phone number in the space provided (eg 08012345678)

==> Select "any time" as best time to call

==> Click "Save Changes"

That's all.

You can go ahead to request for your PIN to be reissued. I explained the process when I published: 4 Reasons Why You Haven't Received Your Adsense PIN.


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  1. Thanks for this info Jide but please, can I use my church post office address?

  2. Anonymous3/10/2013

    Thx bro but I clicked on the ? to get my postal code and it keeps leading me to a dead page. Are you aware of this?


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