How To Add Tabs To Mobstac Site

If you have created the mobile version of your blog using, you can easily add navigation tabs to your mobstac site right from your mobstac dashboard. This will enable visitors to your blog to easily navigate the sections of your mobstac site.

Looking closely at the header region of, you will see the "Home", "Archive", "Tweets", "Videos" and "Categories" links. If you click on "categories", you will see : "blogger tips", "Adsense tutorials", "iPad tutorials" and "making money tips". You can also create something similar for your mobstac site.

By default, offers 3 sections – Home, YouTube and Twitter. Additionally, you can add one more section on the mobstac's Starter plan, 5 on Professional and 15 sections as part of a Premium plan.

How To Get Started

==> Log in to on PC

==> Click on "Dashboard"

==> Click "Content" >>> "Sections"

==> Click the "Create section" button

==> Enter a name for your tab in the "section name" box e.g blogging tips

==> Select "create from tag". This will generate all the labels on your blog

==> Select the tag that matches the tab you want to create

==> Click "Add"

That's all.

View your mobstac site and you should see the new tag/label added to the navigation links of your mobstac site.

I hope this helps.


Anonymous said…
Thanks Jide. Very helpful but do you mean I cannot add more than one tab in the free plan or what?
NairaWebHosts said…
hello Ogunsanya, i thought this has stopped working now, i tried it and after some day my sim stopped browsing.

can some pls confirm that this still work

What about the categories section?
tipslodge said…
thank you bro.