How To Buy Glo Data Plan On iPad2

You've decided to buy an iPad. You've decided to use Glo to browse on the iPad. But how do I buy data plans on the iPad? Well, I am currently using glo mobile data bundle on my iPad 3G and ready to guide you on how to load recharge vouchers and subscribe to Glo data bundles directly on your iPad.

In order to use the 3G/HSPDA cellular data service on the Glo network, you must purchase the 3G/4G version of the iPad. You cannot use the 3G/HSPDA cellular data service if you purchased the WiFi only version of the iPad. More so, you must have purchased and registered your Glo micro SIM card from a Gloworld outlet before you can use your iPad to browse the internet with Glo.

The first step is to load recharge cards on your iPad. You don't even have to remove your micro SIM card from your 3G/4G iPad. If you don't know how to go about it, you can read : how to load airtime on iPad without removing Glo SIM card

After you might have recharged your micro SIM with airtime that will be enough to buy your desired glo data plan, tap the Safari browser icon on the home screen of your iPad.

If you don't have an active data plan on your Glo SIM and if you have configured your iPad to use the gloflat settings, you should automatically be redirected to the glo HSI portal if you try to access any website using the iPad safari web browser.

Right on the GLO HSI portal, you will see all the Glo data plans you can subscribe to. Just tap the buy icon next to the plan you want to buy.

Once you are notified that you have successfully subscribed to a plan, close the safari browser and relaunch it. You should now be able to browse your favorite web pages on your Apple iPad.

That's all.

If you don't know how to configure Glo internet settings on your iPad2 or iPhone4, follow the steps below:

==> Go to Settings
==> Go to Cellular Data
==> Switch Cellular Data to "ON"
==> Tap "APN Settings"
==> Enter "gloflat" as APN, "flat" as username and "flat" as password.
==> Tap the "mobile data" button
==> Press the home button to return to the home screen.

Feel free to check out the Glo internet plans for iPad2 here.

NB: You can also share Glo data plans on your iPad and you can also follow the this tutorial if you want to buy glo data plan on iPhone4.



  1. Sandra4/06/2013

    Thanks Jide. seems its Glo that makes it so easy to browse with the iPad. but which plan do you use on your iPad?

    1. I use Always Macro. (N3000 plan)but I now share my glo data plan on my modem with the iPad

  2. Anonymous4/06/2013

    Please, is this just for iPad2 or also the same way one will buy glo data plan on iPad mini?


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