BBM DP Not Changing? Try This Solution

I used to think there is no big deal in BBM display pictures not changing not until it happened to me. My bbm dp refused to change for two weeks. It got me so worried because it wasn't a general problem. All my friends that are also using Glo BIS were not affected at all and I kept on wondering why is my bbm picture not changing?

I rebooted the blackberry several times, removed the battery, removed the dp and everything..but no success. I even added myself to my BBM contacts so I can monitor my dp. I noticed that BBM status will change while my dp won't change on bbm. When I became so fed up,I decided to google the problem to see if I can get a solution.

After googling it, I saw series of forum threads related to the problem. I browsed through and saw different suggestions. While some claim it is just a temporary problem, some suggested bbm should be deleted and re-installed via instead of through the BB AppWorld.

I tried to delete the BBM and I was surprised not to see the "delete" option after right-clicking on the BBM icon nor see "Blackberry Messenger" listed under "Application Management" ( Options>Device>Application Management).

At this point, it became so obvious that my BBM is corrupt. So, I decided to upgrade the BBM via Blackberry AppWorld. I upgraded to the latest version of BBM and restarted my BB. I changed my BBM dp and it worked! Honestly, I felt so happy.

NB: You might receive some broadcasts eg "Display pictures will not change unless you broadcast this message: having the code:REP#26356". Please, ignore such silly BCs. They are crap.  

Have you experienced this kind of problem before or your dp is currently not showing on your bbm?

You can learn how to upgrade all blackberry apps at once here


  1. Anonymous8/09/2013

    it worked for me. thx

  2. Hello. My BBM status i. e."What's on your mind"? Doesn't change?!!! Help!

  3. Thanks for this post, I can now tell my pals that have got solution to their unchanging DP on BBM.

  4. I'll try it once-ave been having d DP prob for days now..will give u feedback thereafter.

  5. Mine is that the bbm is not working at all on my Nokia X.I have uninstalled and reinstalled again,still no show.It doesnt ping or receive pings.What should I do?


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