Code To Migrate to Glo Big5 and How to Deactivate It

Recently, I published a post about the launch of the Glo Big5 promo. To my surprise, alot of my contacts on BBM keep asking me for the migration code and also how to switch from Glo Big5 back to their former Glo tariff plan.

If you don't what the Glo Big5 is all about, it is a promo where Glo subscribers get 5 times bonus value of their recharge ANYTIME they recharge N200 and above. This bonus which they get ONLY after migrating to Glo Big5, can be used to call ANY network, send free SMS and browse the internet free.

If you fail to migrate before recharging, you WILL NOT get the x5 bonus value of your recharge.

So, How Do I Migrate To Glo Big5?

==> Simply dial *100*7*1# and ensure you recharge N200 and above.

How To Deactivate Glo Big5

If after migrating to the Glo Big5, you feel like going back to your previous Glo tariff plan, all you need to do is to dial the migration code for the plan you want to switch back to.  There is no special code to deactivate the Glo Big5 Promo.

For example, if you want to switch back to Glo GBAM from Glo Big5, just dial the Glo GBAM code (*100*5*1#) on your Glo line. 

You can check the full list of current Glo tariff plan codes here.

I hope this helps.