How I Disable Sidebar and Footer on Blogger Pages

You might have noticed that there are no sidebars nor footer sections on the page where I promote my bulkSMS reseller manual and some other few pages on my blog. Well, you can do the same on your Blogger Page.

This can be so useful when creating a landing page for your blog or when creating a page where you don't want blog visitors that land on the page to be distracted by widgets on your sidebars and blog footer.

If I don't want the Google ads on my sidebar to appear on a page I want to advertise with Google Adwords, I simply disable the sidebar.

So, How ?

==> After creating a page, I switch to the HTML mode of the post editor and paste the code below into the editor:

<style type="text/css">
.blog-pager, .post-footer, .feed-links, .sidebar, .footer-outer { display:none;}
.main-inner .columns {width: 100%;padding-left:0 !important;padding-right:0 !important;}

==> Then, I proceed to type in the content of the page, switch back to compose mode (not compulsory) and publish the page.

That's all.


Anonymous said…
Very useful info. Will apply it to my blog too. Thx