How I Disable Sidebar and Footer on Blogger Pages

You might have noticed that there are no sidebars nor footer sections on the page where I promote my bulkSMS reseller manual and some other few pages on my blog. Well, you can do the same on your Blogger Page.

This can be so useful when creating a landing page for your blog or when creating a page where you don't want blog visitors that land on the page to be distracted by widgets on your sidebars and blog footer.

If I don't want the Google ads on my sidebar to appear on a page I want to advertise with Google Adwords, I simply disable the sidebar.

So, How ?

==> After creating a page, I switch to the HTML mode of the post editor and paste the code below into the editor:

<style type="text/css">
.blog-pager, .post-footer, .feed-links, .sidebar, .footer-outer { display:none;}
.main-inner .columns {width: 100%;padding-left:0 !important;padding-right:0 !important;}

==> Then, I proceed to type in the content of the page, switch back to compose mode (not compulsory) and publish the page.

That's all.


  1. Anonymous8/09/2013

    Very useful info. Will apply it to my blog too. Thx


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