How To Clear DSTv Error E16 On The Internet

I payed for DStv subscription online using MyPaga, expecting my DSTv smartcard to be reauthorized instantly. Unfortunately, after waiting for over thirty minutes, the decoder was still displaying "E16 - Service is currently scrambled".

I decided to call the DSTv phone number: 012703232 to reset the error 16 or speak to a DSTv agent. I was disappointed because the error clearing service wasn't available after entering the first 10 digits of my DSTv smart card followed by the # key several times. All efforts to connect to a live agent was also in vain.

I decided to visit the dstv website to see if I can solve the DSTv error E16 online. Fortunately, I saw a form on the site. I entered my DSTv smartcard number and within three minutes, my smart card was reauthorized and my DStv stations were restored.

So, How Do I Solve DSTv Error E16?

==> Go to

==> Click on the SELF-SERVICE tab

==> You will see a form on the sidebar which you can use to clear DSTv error codes

==> Enter the first ten digits of your DSTv smart card, select E16, enter the captcha code and click on "clear error" button

==> If successful, you will see an alert that your smartcard has been reauthorized

==> Wait for some minutes and your DSTv channels should be restored.

I hope this helps.


You can restore by texting "RA first10DigitsofSmartCardNumber" to 30333.

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