Where Can I Find the Serial Number and Product Number of HP Laptop?

A friend of mine needs the product and serial numbers of his HP Netbook for it to be configured for SIM registration which will involve the installation of Axon Face2Face application and HP connection manager. Unfortunately, the sticker at the back of the netbook with the serial number has faded!! 

He called me to find out if I know other ways he can get the serial number of his HP netbook. I googled it up and found some tips which have decided to share with you.

Option 1

Click Start, enter HP in the search field, and select "HP Support Assistant" from the search results list if using Windows 7 or Vista PC. If it is Windows XP PC, select "HP Help and Support" from the list. Look at the bottom edge of the window for "Serial Number" You can also find your "Product Name" and "Product Number" there.

Option 2.

Look for a sticker on the underside or your HP notebook or within the battery compartment and you must remove the battery to read the label. Look for "Serial Number" or "s/n" on the sticker. You can also find product name, model number and warranty number there.

Option 3

In Windows, press the fn + esc keys on the notebook’s keyboard to open the HP System Information window. A Support Information window appears showing a product name and a product number.

NOTE: You can use the model number (also called a product name) to download drivers, find helpful documents, or get on-line support from HP website.

I hope this helps.

Image Credit: HP


  1. Thanks for this great and informing article, i've been finding it difficult to get the serial number of my HP laptop but this article has brought solution to my problem. Once again i say a very big thanks to you.


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