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When you are working with colors while editing your website/blog HTML/CSS for colour matching combinations, you might need to enter the hex code of the color you want to use instead of just the color name.

Getting the hex code of colors is something that gets easier if you have a colour chart or picker you can use. There are online html color pickers as well as the ones you can use offline. I once shared an offline color picker download on this blog and today, am sharing with you a color picker you can access on the internet. is a website where you can quickly get the color codes you would like to use in your website/blog or applications. The website simply generates hex codes for you by just clicking anywhere in the colour chart on the site.

To choose a color, you can click on the color chart and the hex code will be displayed at the top of the Color Picker site. There is also a bar you can move up and down for more color combinations. All in all, it's fairly easy to use and am sure you will find it helpful.

Do you know color picker addons or color wheel websites that can be useful in blog/web design? please, let me hear from you via comments.


  1. Anonymous6/16/2013

    Thanks for this. #Useful site

  2. thx but can i enter the hex code of a color inside the box, just to know what color it represents?


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