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While googling for Islamic apps for iPad yesterday, I stumbled on an app which is more like a kit of 17 MUST-HAVE and Informative Islamic Apps! If you want to increase your Knowledge about Quran, Duas, Prophets, Companions of the Prophet(PBuh), Sunnahs and more, then you need to download the Islamic app collection.

The App includes the following collection:

  •  40 An Nawawis Hadith (40 Hadiths)
  •  Quran Stories (19 Stories)
  •  40 Hadith Qudsi (40 Hadiths)
  •  Signs of Allah(swt) (45 Signs)
  •  Quran Duas (100+ Duas)
  •  Duas of Muhammad(Pbuh) (90 Duas)
  •  Stories of Prophets (29 Stories)
  •  Islamic Stories (250 Stories)
  •  Stories of Sahabas (31 Stories)
  •  Islamic Quotes (200 Quotes)
  •  Quran Miracles (100 Miracles)
  •  Revive a Sunnah (60 Sunnahs)
  •  The Hajj Guide
  •  Sayings of Abubakr(RA) (60+ Sayings)
  •  Sayings of Umar(RA) (70+ Sayings)
  •  Sayings of Uthman(RA) (30+ Sayings)
  •  Sayings of Ali(RA) (150+ Sayings)
The app is available for the iPad and iPhone.  The cool interface lets you easily access the information and share it with others!

Click here to download Islamic App Collection from Appstore.


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