Things You Can Do To Make Money With Little or No Capital in Nigeria

This is a guest post compiled by Darlington Idusuyi for OgbongeBlog

One of the challenging factors in starting a business or a money making venture is CAPITAL. This factor has in so many ways terminated people’s dream/desire to be a business owner. They think it is impossible to start a business without a start-up capital, and this has being proven wrong by those who succeeded on their course. The truth is that there are so many kinds of business you can start with little or no capital.

The first place to look at is you.

Why do I say so?

There are so mush talents and ability in you that you can develop into a money making machine.

Knowing how to make your talent a problem solving instrument will put you on demand on the market.

I have witnessed a friend who lectures on “How to make a career choice”, going from schools to schools and career centers educating people on his knowledge and getting paid for it. All he posses are the ability to speak fluently, intelligently, narrative and educative, this is his driving forces that enable him to make impact.

When taking such path in using your talent as a tool, you must know how to monetize your ability to your employer that will make them pay the right price for your value.

There are businesses you can start with little capital that will require you learning a skill or trade. In this case you will have to fund the training process with the needed fee.
Such skill work like:
  • Plaiting of hair
  • Fashion Design
  • Bead Making
  • Catering, etc.
The above mentioned has proven to be lucrative if well managed. These products are always at high demands on daily basis and in most cases you don’t have to spend much capital to start like store rental, mode of delivering, etc, for these can be avoided by working from home.

Another type which have gained international recognition is the internet business, where people with certain ability like online marketing, surveying, email marketing, art skills, article writing, etc, are now making money on a daily basis.

In this business you have to know your niche, have access to the internet (either personal computer or cybercafé), little training and few hours of work. You can read "how to start and run an online business in Nigeria" for more info about internet businesses.

More so, you can consider selling other people's products to get some commission till you make enough money to expand to a bigger business.

Besides that, you can convert your daily hobby into a cash making system, if you can monetize it.

Do you like?
  • Shopping
  • Running errands
  • Personal assistance
  • Fitness training
  • Event planning
  • Singing
  • Comedy, etc
All this above can be done to aid people who are in need of such assistance achieve their goals, while they pay you for your service.

Generally speaking, all of us have different ability or skill which if well developed, can meet people’s need.

All you have to do is find an angle of monetizing your package and your service will be demanded on a regular basis.

The most important thing is to like what you do and do it well for people to value, while working with a business plan and a little investment seed.

Do you know others things one can do to make money with little or no capital in Nigeria? Please, let me hear from you via comments. 

This post was written by +Darlington Idusuyi  . He is the owner of, a blog where you learn how to be successful in your career and business.


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  4. Yabbie7/27/2013

    Great post there. Sucks to see many youths wasting their time Facebooking, waiting for unavailable jobs etc when they suppose to learn some skills which they can monetize to start making money on their own.

    1. I agree. social media is affecting so many youths negatively.

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  10. Nice one Jide. There are so many profitable businesses one can start with little funds and make millions of Naira in a short time

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  12. Thanks alot, i just take one of the business ideas which does not require much money to set up.

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