Beware of Eskimi Chat Scams

No doubt, Eskimi is one of the top websites where you can easily meet new friends to chat, flirt or date in your city but if you are not careful, you can easily fall for scammers right there.

There are many tricks been used by the scammers but am sharing with you the "travel" scam.

How It Works

The scammers create female profiles on Eskimi and upload some sexy pictures.  While some won't upload more than two pictures, the professional ones who know how to get hot pictures will upload more.

They usually set their location to cities very far from Lagos because they assume many Eskimi users might be in or around Lagos.

Thereafter, they keep updating their status on Eskimi with stuffs like :

"I can travel anywhere for sex. That's what I do for money. Call... If you are interested"

"I am tired of this place. So boring. I need to travel. Pls call...if u want me to come and see you".

If you call or send a message to the scammer on Eskimi, she will ask for your location.  If you tell her you are in Lagos, she will tell you she is in Kano. If you tell her you are in Jos, she will tell you she is in Ogun state.

The logic is just to let you know that she is very far from you. 

If you complain about the distance, she will tell you that it doesn't matter if both can sort out the transport cost.  She will request you both share the cost. So, you will have to send part of it to her so she can complete it with her money, then come over to see you.

If you fall for the crap, oh boy, just kiss goodbye to your money or recharge cards (some will tell you to send cards so they can sell and turn to cash).

You will keep getting different excuses for not making the journey. Some will even request for extra money till you get fed up and back out of the deal.  If your wahala is too much, she will block you on Eskimi or even won't mind changing her phone number because of you.

In short, guys wise up oo!!.

Anytime you see updates like the ones I quoted earlier, just try and contact them with  two different numbers or Eskimi accounts and see how they will lie to you about their location.

Have you experienced such before? Do you know other tricks been used by scammers on Eskimi? Please, let me hear from you via comments.

Please always report such accounts to Eskimi admin.


  1. Anonymous8/09/2013

    Great info there. I feel for it last year and since then, I can't fall for such again even on 2go and badoo


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