Differences between Tecno L3 and P3

Tecno L3 is one of the latest tecno phones released after I published the list of Tecno Android phones on this blog. The new Tecno phone is an improvement on the Tecno P3, as it is packed with more internal memory, more RAM, a more recent version of the Android OS, a better processor, and a stronger battery.

Preloaded with Android 4.1 OS, L3 operates faster, smoother and it is more responsive compared to P3 and N3. You can upload and download whatever you want at a fast speed with 3G network.

Image of Tecno L3
Picture of Tecno L3

So, if you think you’re loving your N3 or P3, this new phone may just tempt you to start a desperate search for someone to buy your phone.

Below are the Major differences between Tecno P3 and L3:
  •  The Tecno L3 runs on one of the latest version of Android (4.1.2 — Jelly Bean), as against version  2.3.5, on which the Tecno P3 runs.
  •  The L3 is packed with a 1GHz processor, while the P3 has an 800MHz processor.
  •  The L3 has 512MB of RAM, which doubles the P3′s 256MB
  •  The L3 has a 2400mAh battery, which is stronger than the P3′s 1400mAh

So, if you’re considering buying the P3, then you should buy the L3 instead – Tecno L3 rocks!

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Where Can I Buy Tecno L3 in Nigeria?

You can get it from ParktelOnline.com here.

Price of Tecno L3 in Nigeria as at the time of publishing this post is N15, 000 at ParktelOnline.


Charles said…
Was planning to buy P3 next week. Will now go for the P3. This info came at the right time. Thx bro.
Blevopedia said…
Please we need the difference between Tecno L3 and M3. P3 is now in extinction. The battle is now between L3 and M3. Thanks for the enlightenment.
funmikemmy said…
Thanks for this info.

How much is Techno L3?
Jide Ogunsanya said…
You're welcome
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Ok bro. I will work on that.
Theophilus said…
I need an honest advice on whether to buy Tecno L3 or M3. Tip: I browse the internet heavily, I need GPS and Skype video call. I DON'T play Games.