Glo Recharge2Stardom Promo: Recharge and Win Millions of Naira

In continuation of celebrating the 10th anniversary with teeming customers, Glo Nigeria has unleashed a recharge-based promotion which will reward the highest number of consumers ever rewarded in a promo in Nigeria. Over 25,000 customers will win CASH prizes of varying amount!!!

N500,000,000 up for grabs in 100 days!!!

  •  200 winners of N10,000 every day!
  •  50 winners of N25,000 every day!
  •  5 winners of N1m every 10 days!
  •  2 winners of N5m every 10 days!
  •  1 winner of N25m after 100 days!

•       To win any of the cash rewards below N1m, customers must recharge a minimum of N200 EVERY DAY to stand a chance of winning N10,000 and N25,000 every day. Multiple recharges of N200 in a day will increase your chances of winning the Daily prize.

•       To win any of the cash rewards between N1m and N5m, customers must recharge a cumulative of N1,000 in 10 days. They can appear in every draw of N1m and N5m if they recharge N1,000 every 10 days.

•       To win the GRAND PRIZE of N25m, customers must recharge a cumulative of N5000 during the promo period. Recharges in multiples of N5,000 will give more entries and chances to win the Grand Prize.

This promo is open to ALL subscribers on the Glo network, new and existing, prepaid and postpaid.


==> All your recharges of N200 and above qualifies you for the promo.
==> Physical and electornic recharges qualify you for the draws.
==> If you win, you will receive a call from a Glo staff. Glo will never send an SMS to you to notify you of your success in the promo. You will only be contacted by a phone call from Glo customer care.

The promo commenced on 24th of July, 2013 and is expected to run for 100 days, .

Best of luck!


  1. The Glo should be publishing the numbers of those that win on daily basis in one of the national newspaper. This will make us to have trust in them. They has been duping us before

    1. Duping? How? They used to announce the winners on TV in previous promos and am sure they will be doing same this time around.


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