How Can I Generate and Place Jumia Ad Banners/Links On My Blog?

UPDATE: Jumia has moved from CJ to a new platform. Read more about how to generate ad banners from the new Jumia Affiliate platform here.  

You've read about the Jumia Affiliate Program, you've seen how I earned $27.50 from one product sold for Jumia and you are ready to try the program but don't know how to get your unique Jumia affiliate banners and links? Well, that's exactly what am explaining to you in this post. So, keep calm and continue reading.

Before you can generate your Ad banners to promote Jumia products, you must have been accepted into the program by Jumia and must be able to log in to your affiliate account at because that is where you will generate your ad banners and text links.

How To Get Jumia Advertisement Banners and Links From

Before you proceed to generate your banners and text links, read Jumia's Affiliate restrictions here. If you are OK with the restrictions, you can go ahead to create your advertisement banners as explained below.

==> Log in to your account at
==> Click on the "Links" tab
==> Type "Jumia Nigeria" in the search box. It will appear with the ID 3850063

==> Click the "Search" button

You will see the list of text links and banners you can use to promote Jumia's products. You might have to click through the pages to see ALL because all the links might not display on one page.

==> Click the "Get code" icon next to the link you want to promote
==> Copy the HTML code somewhere e.g in a notepad.
==> If you ONLY need the link, click the "click URL" tab, to get it

How To Add Jumia's Banner and Text Link To A Blogspot and Wordpress Blog

If your blog is a blogspot blog,

==> Log in to
==> On your dashboard, go to "Layout" and click on the "Add a gadget" link
==> Click on the "HTML/Javascript" gadget.
==> Copy and paste your Jumia's code in it and SAVE.

If your blog is a wordpress blog, use the Text widget. Alternatively, you can try the plugin HTML-Javascript-Adder which allows you to easily place your banner in all pages or in specific pages.

If you want to use the text links, you can use them in your blog posts if you review the products. Please do this carefully and read Google's policy on promoting affiliate programs.

That's all.


As at the time of publishing this post, Jumia's commission structure is as follows:

==> Electronics (Mobile Phones, Electronics in general, Home Appliances) 3%
==> Toys/Kids 5%
==> Fashion 9%
==> Beauty 9%
==> Books 9%

I hope this helps.

Please, let me hear from you via comments if you've got questions to ask or anything to say as regards this.

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  1. Jide, thanks alot for this but with this structure you posted above, does it means I will make money if I promote beauty products compared to phones?

  2. Jide, please, I ticked the "open in new window" option when generating my code and I noticed that the url in the code changed after clicking update code. Is that normal?

  3. Thank you, I place Addynamo banner in my thanks to you, but I have issues with. How to upload Bing confirmation code to my blog pls help. This is the site

    1. Add it to your html before the closing head tag. You can mail me if you need more explanation.

  4. My earlier comment did not show. I need answer to my question

    1. Did you post the comment on this blog post or on an another blog post?

  5. Thanks alot.
    Pls do i make clear navigation on blogspot?

  6. you will do it clear in simple manner. thanks

  7. Anonymous3/02/2014

    hi. i cant found jumia in that search for its showing me result not found.............

  8. Mr Jide jumia is not in he list..... wha do we do?


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