How I Make Google Adsense Ads Display on Opera Mini Browser

It is no more news that Google Adsense ads on blogspot blogs do not show on Opera Mini browser even if you add the new asynchronous and responsive Google ad codes to your blog.

The mobile ready Adsense units (300x50 and 300x250 ad units) which I've added to my custom blogger mobile template, display on the default mobile browsers of blackberry, iPhone, Android but not on Opera Mini browsers. They turn blank anytime my blog is viewed with Opera Mini.

I am still wondering if it is a bug with Opera's server,  Opera's and Google's agreement, or something else because ads of other ad networks eg Addynamo display fine on Opera Mini browser.

The same problem was reported at Google's forum but the issue has never been addressed by Google.
While waiting for Google to address the issue, I decided to try third party services that help in rendering sites for mobile compatibility. I tried dudamobile and mobstac and out of the two, mobstac works fine for me.

Adsense ad On Opera Mini

With mobstac, you can create a mobile compatible version of your blog, which when viewed on Opera Mini, will display your Google ads to your blog readers. The service now costs $19 per month.

I have been using mobstac for over a year now to monetize my blog's opera mini traffic and it has really helped me in making some cool money from Google Adsense. Anytime I decide to switch back to blogger mobile template, I always notice a sharp drop in my Adsense earnings. This is simply because the highest percentage of my blog's traffic use Opera Mini in accessing my blog.

Mobile readers are increasing, even larger in number, comparing to those who browse the internet from desktop browsers like Firefox, Safari and Chrome. As more people adopt mobile phones for internet browsing, your Adsense earnings might be decreasing day by day if majority of your readers use Opera Mini.

You can use Opera Mobile Emulator to check if Google Ads on your blog display on Opera Mini.

If you are interested in monetizing your Opera Mini traffic with Google Adsense, you can check out my mobstac tutorials to get started.

Are you also worried that majority of your blog readers are using Opera Mini? Do you know other ways of monetizing traffic from Opera Mini browsers? Please, let me hear from you via comments.

NOTE: You will only see Google ads when viewing my blog on Opera Mini, provided you are viewing the mobstac version and not the mobile version powered by Blogger.


John said…
The $19 is expensive for a new blogger bro. Maybe I will try it when I have earned some reasonable money from my blog but how do I know which browsers my readers are using?
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Try it when you have enough money bro. You can get the details of your readers from the stat counter you are using on your blog. if it is a Blogger blog, go to STATS > AUDIENCE.
Godwin Odey said…
Yes I agree with you John, most of us hardly make that in, how are we going to pay mobstac if our earning doesn't reach that $19
What about the free domain?
Unwana Johnson said…
my oga please can i don this on blogspot?
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Free mobstac will not display your Google ads. It will only create mobile version of your blog.
Jide Ogunsanya said…
No. You must have changed to custom domain.
Cyracks Zenda said…
Cool but why do you dumb mobstac now? Hope they are still effective?
Free mobstac don't seem to work with free domain name, even with my custom domain it wasn't directing.
Zubby Emmanuel said…
Thats good tip. I will also like to kno ways to drive traffic tot my blog.
if there is no free version that can be used or a solution other than using mobstack , such as adding script code in the template .
natural life said…
why google does not work with that, my blog readers almost 50 % of Opera Mini
hassan dewumi said…
pls, is mobstac the only option?
Akinyemi Joshua said…
Hi Cyracks
I run a blogg and my adsense ad is not showing on my mobile template. It will leave d place blank instead of showing wat can I do to make it show I reallly need your help. Thanks
Admin said…
How do i make Taboola ads show on Opera Mini browser
My site is