Mobstac: How To Switch from Pro to Starter Plan

Mobstac makes it possible for me to display Google ads to people that access my blog with Opera Mini browser. Few months back when I decided to stop subscribing to the Mobstac pro Blogger plan, I waited till the plan expired before changing the plan to the free starter plan.

Unfortunately, I realized I couldn't switch due to some restrictions from mobstac leaving me with the option of re-subscribing or my site gets deleted from mobstac's server.

I decided to re-subscribe to see if I can switch when I have an active plan and it worked. My subscription will expire tomorrow but I have been able to successfully downgrade my account to the free plan yesterday.

So, if somehow you still want to be using mobstac but don't want to keep paying for their service, follow the steps below in switching to the free plan.


==> Log in to your account at

==> From your site's mobstac dashboard, go to Content > Sections and make sure u don't have more than one section. If you have more than one section, delete all.

==> Then, go to "Account", click on "change plan"

==> Right under starter plan, click the "switch now" button

==> If successful, you will see : "Switched to Starter. Your account settings have been updated. Your site has been now switched to the Starter plan".

That's all.

If you want to stop using mobstac completely, you can delete the CName created for your mobstac site from your DNS dashboard and delete your mobstac site from your mobstac dashboard.

I hope this helps. 


Maxwell said…
Yes, I noticed your blog no longer redirects to the mobstac site. The new mobile template looks so cool but are you not losing a lot of money for not monetizing your Opera mini traffic with Adsense?
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Yes, losing some money but am kind of OK and also currently exploring alternative ways I can monetize the opera mini traffic.
But the free plan doesn't allow ads to be placed in it na.
please hw do i sign up for the link seems to have been removed
Prince Wood said…
What of wordpress mobile templates? Although I have not seen how ads play out on them.
Check this link:
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Contact them via the contact form on the site
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Mobstac has a plugin for wordpress blogs. Contact their support team