Car Charger for Laptops with USB Charging Port

If you are a car owner in Nigeria, there is currently a deal at Dealdey Nigeria, which might interest you. The deal is a 150W Laptop Car Charger with USB Charging Port which you can get for N4,500 instead of N8,000 if you order for it today.

The device will power up your electronic devices like MP3 / MP4, CD / DVD Player, PSP, Mobile, Netbook, Laptop etc on the go from car cigarette lighter socket.

The inverter converts 12v DC from your vehicle's cigarette lighter into 220v/50Hz AC and 5V USB output, providing on-the-go household power in the vehicle while also providing overload / shortcircuit / overheated protection.

It has 2 Optional power output: 1x DC 5V USB port; 1x AC 220V mains charger socket (output frequency 50±2Hz.)

laptop car charger

So, How Do I Get it?

==> Go to Dealdey website here and SIGN UP (Very Important)

==> Sign in once you complete your registration

==> Click on the "Gadgets and Electronics" tab

==> Scroll down till you see the "Laptop Car Charger with USB Charging Port" deal

==> Click to buy and pay using the available payment options.

You can pick it up at Dealdey office or get it delivered to you wherever you are in Nigeria.

That's all.

Note: The deal ends soon. So, get it NOW!.

car charger

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  1. Franklin9/18/2013

    Nice deal there

  2. It’s a fact that today’s generation cannot even think of living without laptop, as they use it for storing their favorite pictures, songs, and movies, besides doing online shopping. Therefore, one has to be fully attentive to get it repaired in a timely manner, and buy the genuine laptop parts, if needed.


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