How I Use Bluetooth To Copy Contacts From Old To New Nokia Phone

Recently, I bought the new Nokia Asha 210 (dual sim) as replacement for my Asha 205 simply because Whatsapp works fine on the Asha 210. Moving the phone contacts to the new phone turned to a big challenge when I discovered that I can't sync my Google contacts to the Nokia 210.

Fortunately while scanning through the pages of the Nokia User's guide, I discovered that there is a way I can copy content from my old phone. I tried the Nokia phone contacts recovery trick in copying my text messages and phone numbers from the old Asha 205 and it worked perfectly.

If you've gotten a new Nokia phone and would like to easily copy your phone contacts from old phone, follow the steps below:

==> Switch Bluetooth ON in both phones
==> On your new phone, go to Menu > Settings
==> Select Sync & Back Up > Copy from device
==> Select the old device from the list of found devices. If not in the list, click on "New device" for it to be discovered.
==> Select the data to copy eg Contacts
==> Select done
==> Wait for some seconds for the process to be completed.

Once successful, you can check your new phone for the copied contacts.

That's all.


Banji said…
Quite helpful but does the trick copy the SIM contacts to the new phone?
Jide Ogunsanya said…
No. Just the phone contacts. You can copy the SIM contacts to the phone before syncing to the new phone.
Salimon Ayodele said…
boss am very sorry for posting this here... i need your help... my blogger comment button doesnt appear on my blog again.... plsease help... see for yourself THANKS
Jide Ogunsanya said…
mail me bro: jide at ogbongeblog dot com