How To Use Glo Free Megabyte On PC

It's no more news that if you migrate to the Glo Bounce tariff plan, you will get free 30MB with Glo line everytime you recharge N200 and above. This Glo Bounce 30 megabytes work fine on computer, phones and tablets. I use the free MB on my computer with my internet modem and I've decided to share with you, how you too can start using it on your PC.

To get started, you must migrate to Glo PAYU (Pay As You Use) and you must have configured your internet modem with gloflat settings. If you want to browse on PC with Nokia PC suite, you must also set it up with the gloflat internet settings.

To migrate to PAYU, text PAYU to 127 with your Glo line. You will receive a response if the migration is successful.

If you have a Glo NetPro or Glo Bolt modem, you don't need to set up any configuration on the modem. Insert the Glo SIM into the modem and connect using the default profile.

If you are not using a Glo modem, you will need to create a new profile on your modem with gloflat settings. To do this, launch your modem dashboard, click on "Tools" then "Options" under which you will now select "Profile Management".

Under Profile Management, click on "New" and fill in the info below:

Profile Name: Glo
APN:  gloflat
Username : :flat
Password : flat

Save the setting and select "Glo" from the drop down list to connect.

That's all.

Ensure you don't leave alot of airtime on your phone when using the free MB on your PC. You know, anything can happen.

How Can I Check Balance of My Free Megabytes?

You can check the balance of your Glo Bounce free Megabytes by dialing #124#, then 4 or by dialing #122#.

I hope this helps.

Are you also enjoying the free MB on computer?


  1. Melvin9/21/2013

    This is cool but do you know if this will work with MTN fastlink modem?

  2. Though the 30mb is not much to be used on PC, but can still be of help in certain circumstance. Thanks for sharing

  3. When I wanted to migrate to Payu, it won't allow me..

    1. What happens whenever you send the text?

  4. Nice work!
    You are really making things easier for us. God bless you.

  5. Would there be additional 30mb to the ones
    gotten if you keep recharging the 200 naira

    1. Yes bro. Ensure you recharge before the current mb expires

  6. Pls Ђo̲̣̣̣̥w̶̲̥̅ can I use my blackberry desktop application to browse using my bb as a model. Becos ave tried several means and its not working. Even as APN Ȋ̝̊̅ƨ̣̇ not working. Pls need your help

    1. You might have to subscribe to data plan bro and use the normal APN of the network and not the

  7. Anonymous2/02/2014

    But Bro jide i'm using tecno p3 hw will i do it bc i hv tried it,it didn't work


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