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If you are looking for new models that can bring in additional online revenue, you can consider monetizing the images on your site and start making money from ads that display on them. In-image advertising company GumGum, makes this achievable.

GumGum is an image-based ad network that allows advertisers to reach new customers through image advertising while also allowing publishers to make money by displaying ads on the photos on their site. GumGum claims to pay publishers between $3 and $5 CPMs (price paid by advertisers per thousand impressions). The startup doesn't pay per click on the ads.

If you own a blog, this is an opportunity for you to start making money from those photos in your blog posts. Similar to other ad-networks, a simple one-time, one-line Javascript code install enables GumGum to detect images on your website and match relevant ads to them.

Below is a sample of ad overlaid on an image. You can also see a sample ad here.


GumGum display ads only on pages that contain full-size images - defined as images larger than 250 x 250 pixels and the CPMs vary depending on image use, size, frequency of images, vertical, etc. Describing each photo with HTML alt text improves GumGum's ability to target ads. So, be as specific as possible: telling GumGum it is a picture of a "phone" helps, but "iPhone 5S" is better.

Once your account balance reaches $50, a payment will automatically be sent during GumGum's next payment cycle. Payment terms are net 60 days and all payments are sent through Paypal or check.

GumGum's ads work alongside standard ad networks including Google Adsense, Adbrite, Kontera, etc and offers control on which images display ads. GumGum ads do not affect the look of images as they are strictly overlays and can be completely closed out by users at any time.

How Can I Add GumGum Ad Code To My Blog?

Sign up for a publisher account at and check the implementation guide here. Make sure that the GumGum code is embedded directly above the closing body tag in your blog's html.

I have implemented GumGum ad on my blog and have earned a little from the network. I hope to earn more once I optimize the photos in my blog posts especially the popular posts, making sure they are larger than 250 x 250pixels.

The one place every user’s eye focuses on first are photos whenever they visit a site. Won't it make sense making money from those photos?

If you've used or currently monetizing your site photos with GumGum, please share your experience. If you also know alternatives to GumGum, kindly share via comments.

You can monetize your blog pageviews with MadAdsMedia.


David said…
Nice share. Will try them. It will work fine on an entertainment blog right?
thanks,i will try it but someone shud pls help me,google keeps disapproving my adsence account on
G-Loaded said…
thanks for the info.
but hope is not against adsense? pls reply.
G-Loaded said…
i just visited ur site
make sure ur site is full of info; text and images. i mean u shud hav atleast 20-30 post on the home page, and must have some little traffic to ur site.

then try and apply again
after the adsense approved, please don't forget to read the rules that guiding adsense else u will get ban and loose ur account.

see the rules here

this my site
Isaac Ezy said…
Hello bro, your site is seriously tasty of contents. You need to write more atleast nothing less than 300 words. Your content must be rich and appealing. Make sure you have privacy policy on your blog before you apply.

Wish you goodluck in adsense journey. I'm warming up to collect my 750 euros for the month of September.
thanks so much for ur advice...i will do what u guys have instructed...Greetings to u sir!
just an advice to you sir ....since the android is revolving round the net due to vast usage by individuals with android devices y dont u create an app for ur site and get them notified directly in thier mobile it sure can increase traffic to your site heres a link of an app i created for my site i hope u find this comment useful
G-Loaded said…
@Abdulkareem thanks for sharing the info. i got it interesting.
Please, can someone help check-out what is wrong with my site. Google is dissaproving my adsent request. My site is I appreciate.
eazy gist said…
thanks bro....
wow its cool then.
InfoNubia said…
That's for the heads up Jide. I'll be sure to check it out
InfoNubia said…
I have been looking to create a mobile app for my blog as well but I don't have lots of traffic yet. I guess this is a good time to get it going as I can tweak the app based on feedback from my readers.
Anonymous said…
Can I use this ad with adsense?
Jide Ogunsanya said…
It's not.
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Sure. It will convert more on such blogs since most readers of entertainment blogs love looking at those pix
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Yes, you can.
jaybeeblog said…
Can a blog of 3month apply?
boo luminate is betterthan gumgum and they pay 10dollars minimum withdrawal but am not getting how to istall them on blogger pls help me and aswell gumgum says i must have 500,000 pageview per month before i can apply pls what do i do
Victor Dominic said…
Pls can I use adsense with My blog is