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Searching for a free online dating website where you can meet Nigerians to flirt and date online?  Look no further as I am introducing you to; a love community launched to the Nigerian market recently.

4clique is a Nigerian social networking/online dating website with core services including match making, social networking, marital counseling and online advertising. The site aims at bringing Nigerians, Africans and the rest of the world together to make new friends and find love on the platform without considering background or race. offers online dating for free of cost. It is well organized and structured in a superior manner along with many applications like instant messenger chat, blogs, chat room and forums; that help singles to communicate each other at any time instantly. This website has an add-on feature of internal email; hence the conservations between singles can avail in the track of ultimate privacy.


The following features are available on 4clique platforms:

- Facebook Login feature
- Sign up through Facebook Fan Page
- Edit profile option including changing background colour and image.
- Mailbox
- Comment, like/dislike, share via Facebook, Twitter and Google+
- My matches
- Bookmarks
- My Friends
- My Neighbors
- Who Viewed Me
- News Feed (only received from added friends)
- Send Gifts
- Invite friends (using Facebook, import through email or type friend's email)
- Preference (ability to disable features)
- Search for members
- Create event
- Upload/view photos, music & videos
- Create Forum & Group
- Chat with members on all platforms.
- Affiliates
- Classified
- Games

4Clique is available on the web, mobile site, Blackberry, Android and iOS. 

Download 4Clique App for Android, iOS and Blackberry

==> Download 4Clique for iOS (iPad, iPhone)
==> Download 4Clique for Android
==> Download 4Clique for BB.

4clique Blog features a blog where you can all meet to enjoy;

- Dating Tips
- Love Articles
- Sharing Relationship Issues
- Tips for Men
- Tips for Women
- Dating advice video.

On 4clique blog, you can remain anonymous while you share your issues, contribute and post on the blog all for free. Join the blog today and enjoy the services. 4clique blog is also mobile friendly and you can visit via

Invite your friends to join the latest clique in town and watch out for tips/relationship issue on the blog site. You can also Like 4Clique on Facebook and Follow on Twitter (@4Clique).

Meet new friends at now.


  1. Nice one. Will check it out. Hope the girls there will be real and not those thieves that ask for money and recharge cards

  2. nice one....i will hurry up to that site and to get funny jokes,riddles and lots more..visit ( trust me,u going to nid them to mit ur partner...

  3. Anonymous10/03/2013

    This is ridiculous the world is going to an end!

  4. Anonymous10/03/2013

    So 4 me 2 get on d go now i have to switch to websites? Do u fink dis is a development or this is crazy tinz? Hmm i dont like d idea ooo well it will help Lagos gals get more money and customer faster

  5. The world is really going to an end

  6. How many real ones can you provide me their contacts

  7. Anonymous10/11/2013

    this is really serious,oga jide


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