Lets You Save Instagram Photos To Computer and Phones

Instagram is not only great for sharing photos with friends and family, it's also a great place to discover exciting photos around the world. If you're wondering how to save Instagram photos to your phone and computer, this article will show you how to accomplish that using Instagrabbr. offers a free service which allows anyone to search and save images from any instagram account. All you just need to do is to enter an instagram username and save the pictures you like. If you need to copy a picture from another user on Instagram i.e save someone's pictures on Instagram to your phone or computer, the site will allow you to do so with ease. 

How To Use Instagrabbr

==> Go to on your PC or phone browser.


==> Enter a username and click the search button

==> Click on any picture you like, to enlarge it

==> If you want to save to computer, right-click and "save as...".  If you want to save to a phone (touchscreen), press the picture and select "Save Image" from the pop up options. 

That's all.

I hope it works for you.

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Kenny said…
Thanks Jide. Quite useful
Anonymous said…
Hi I'm not able to access instagrabbr for some reason. Any body know why or is experiencing the same thing? It's been going on since 01/30/14