New Jumia Partner Program: Features and How To Generate Ad Banners/Links

Last Week, +Adesoji Adegbulu , shared with you right here, the email he received from Jumia, as regards the deactivation of the CJ's affiliate program by December 31st, 2013. The Jumia affiliate manager contacted me after the post went live, to inform me that they are only switching platforms and not totally closing their affiliate program i.e they are moving from to a new and friendlier platform. 

According to the new manager, you get real-time update about your program and also how you can improve your visibility and also earnings on the new platform. PLUS YOU GET PAID INTO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT DIRECTLY (No more third party foreign checks).

The new Jumia Partner’s Program works as simple as this: JUMIA allows third parties to place links, ads, and other types of visual references on their websites or social media channels with direct traffic to In return, associates get up to 9% commission for one sale when customers use the links for purchases. For the first month, associates earn 500 NGN on top of the commission for each order.

Features and Advantages of the New Jumia Affiliate Program

==> 3% to 9% commission on every sale
==> 30 days cookie lifetime: Get commission for purchases within 30 days
==> Monthly Payment via Local bank transfer done by Jumia directly and not any third party
==> Minimum payment amount of 5000 NGN (23 €) instead of 60€
==> Bonus for the first month 500 NGN on each sale on top of the commission
==> Great variety of attractive Banners and Text links
==> Deeplink Generator to advertise specific product pages

How To Join The New Jumia Affiliate Program.

Go to : to sign up for the new Jumia partner Program.

How To Generate Jumia Ad Banners For Your Site

After your account might have been approved, log in to your Jumia affiliate account, click on "Programs > Jumia NG". Then,  click on the "admedia"icon.

This will open a new page where you will see the categories of products on Jumia.

Click on the category you want to promote eg "Mobile Phones"

Available Jumia ad banners for the selected category will be displayed.

Click on the link as indicated in the screenshot below. Do not click on the image.

A new window will open.

Click on the "Ad media code:non-SEO" dropdown and select "default adcode"

Select all the code and paste it on your site.

Paste it in HTML/Javascript gadget via "Layout" if using Blogger/Blogspot; and if using WordPress, paste the code in Text gadget via "Appearance > Widgets".

You can edit your profile to add your bank accounts and you can track your earnings and performance via the "Reporting" tab.

I hope this helps.


Obiora said…
Thx for the update. I was unable to register on the old site. I hope it will be easier on this new one. Compliments Jide.
Funmy Kemmy said…
I have signed up but yet to receive my password and the affiliate number. What next?
NairaMan said…
Good thing they have going. You know, when someone posted about their discontinuing the CJ stuff, I thought they are doing away with affiliate sales totally. But, nice to have them back and better. I already signed up through your link.
Thanks for sharing , i just sign up waiting for their email.
Chibaby Nzewine said…
I will do that now. Thanks for sharing
Anonymous said…
Sure the old system had its negatives but it was transparent. Many big corporations still use CJ for this matter. Jumia is giving you a convenient service in one hand but do you really trust it over CJ?
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Try it and am sure you will like it.
Jide Ogunsanya said…
I hope you've received it by now. If not, use the forgot password link to retrieve it.
Jide Ogunsanya said…
You're welcome bro
Jide Ogunsanya said…
You're welcome dear.
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Yes, it's nice to know that they are only switching platforms and not totally closing down the affiliate program. Let's hope the new platform makes it easier for we affiliates to make money from the program.
Jide Ogunsanya said…
hmnn....time will tell.
Funmy Kemmy said…
Not yet. I will follow your advice.

Thanks again
Funmy Kemmy said…
I am yet to get it till this moment. What else can I do?
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Have you tried using the use the "forgot password" ?
charles said…
have signed up through your link above, but talking about CJ they deducted $20 from my account and no explanation about the issue.
Odogwu said…
Thanks for the help. Please, i will like to know if i can use Jumia and Konga ads together with Google adsense. Is it against Adsense rules?
Egbo Ogaga said…
nice work bro
Charles said…
Any ideas how long it takes before the commission gets approved or declined? Been pending for over 2months now.
Jcy Jay said…
I didn't see any campaign link .....where can I find the campaign link... Which of d jumia sites
Ameen Ikandu said…
I can't copy the banner link generated. Maybe it's because I'm using a tab. I really don't know. What do you think?
Chime said…
I pasted the code as explained, but nothing appears in its place.
Opeyemi Paul said…
Please am on the program, how can I request for payout..
Thanks for sharing , i just sign up waiting for their email confirmation.
doubledbrain said…
thanks but i signed up for jumia"s affiliated market program but my account have not been activated for 2 weeks now..what could be the reason sir..