Wow! 1000 Blog Posts Published So Far

While playing around my Blogger dashboard yesterday, I was stunned when I noticed that I have published 1000 blog posts so far to my blog. If my blog is all about breaking news, gossips or entertainment gists, I won't be surprised but considering how difficult it is to come up with blog posts in the niche I find myself, I think I have done well so far. It's not easy at all.

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How To Pay DSTV Bills Online Using Mypaga.com

In one of my posts, I shared how to make DSTV payment online at quickteller.com. Today, I am sharing with you, how you can pay for your DSTV bills or renew your DSTV subscriptions using Paga payment services. Don't know what Paga is? Well, it is a free money transfer service that allows you to make payments with an internet-enabled device, any mobile phone or through a Paga agent.

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MyPaga.com Mobile Payment Services and How To Get Started

Paga is the easiest to use money transfer service which allows you to use your mobile phone to send money to anyone or make payments wherever you are!. Apart from using your mobile phone, you can also send money using an internet–enabled device, or you can also visit any Paga agent.

It is the best alternative to carrying cash, using checks or ATM cards, travelling to and from the bank, and waiting in long lines to process payments. THERE ARE NO MINIMUM FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS TO SIGN UP and THERE ARE NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES!

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How to Build an Income Generating Blog (Blogger or WordPress) from the Start

Every year, I keep getting emails, Facebook messages and Twitter DMs from people who are new to blogging and wants to create or start a blog that can generate income for them. The truth is, it is not very easy to build a blog that would generate you income. This is why I wrote several posts about it on my blog in 2010.

The good news (lol) is, you can now have the steps you need to follow so as to build an income generating blog right at your finger tip. I have packaged the steps in a guide you will be getting for free today. The guide would help you in the. It will provide you the steps you need to follow so you would avert several mistakes you could make.

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How To Unhide Hidden Blackberry Videos

Recently, I shared how to hide videos on Blackberry using the Blackberry "Files" application. If you have hidden some videos on your Blackberry using the method explained in the post, you can also easily unhide them anytime you want them to be visible in the "videos" folder on your BB smartphone.

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How To Hide Videos on Blackberry For FREE

Recently, I explained how to hide photos on Blackberry using the PrivatePhotos app. In the comments, Tomiwa asked if I know any app that can hide videos. I told him to try "private files" app, which is not a free app. On the same post, Ahmsta mentioned that he uses the free Blackberry "Files" app to hide pictures on his BB. I decided to explore the "files" app and fortunately for me, I discovered that it can also hide videos on Blackberry smartphones.

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How To Browse With Glo Blackberry Subscription on Nokia Phones

Recently, I shared how to use Globacom Blackberry internet subscription on computer, iPad/iPhone and Android devices. Since then, I have received several mails and texts from Nokia users, asking me if the Glo BIS can also work on their Nokia phones.

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Watch iRokoTv Movies FREE

iRoko TV has partnered with Nokia to allow you watch the premium movies on iRokoTV free of charge for three months. For you to watch the movies free, you must download the iRokoTV App. The app features Nollywood movies from iROKOtv. This three months-offer is exclusive to Nokia Lumia 920.

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Top 5 Resolutions For the Bloggers in 2013

This is a guest post compiled by Charles Malcolm 

January 2013 has just begun and those of who are into the internet marketing, then this year is going to keep you busy. You might have taken some resolution to improve yourself.

Do you have business resolutions! Have you taken any?

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How To Use Google Adwords To Advertise on OgbongeBlog

If you will prefer to use Google Adwords to advertise your business, blog or website on Ogbongeblog instead of the direct advert placement option, kindly follow the steps highlighted below:

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How To Increase Ad dynamo Pay Per Tweet Earnings

This is a guest post compiled by Michael Okeje 

Ad dynamo introducing the “Pay  Per Tweet” feature has made life sweet for those of us that have huge number of Twitter followers. In this article, I would be giving you some steps to really increasing your  earnings with Addynamo.

When I started with Addynamo “Pay Per Tweet” program, I always made something small until I got to know those guys at Addynamo actually wanted us to earn more than I thought. Why you feel you get less when you use their ads on your blog is actually because they made advertising cheap and they also earn less from advertisers. Their introduction of the Twitter feature has now made it possible to earn something really good.

Steps To Earning More With Ad Dynamo

1. Build  Your Twitter Presence: One of the best ways to convince those at Addynamo you deserve more is to build your Twitter presence. You need to have a very good number of Twitter followers. Now I am not talking about going to buy followers online but building a presence that makes you a Twitter master.  Twitter is a place where people follow you either for what you do or just that they like you.

I have a twitter account @naijabbdotcom that has close to 23k followers who are always after the news I give out on happenings in Nigeria. I have a huge number of clicks on my tweets and retweets too. Do you think Addynamo would not want to cash in on that?. They would pay you well when they see you do have a say. If you buy followers, they might just be there and do nothing really. Advertisers wants results via numbers of clicks and the only way they can pay you well is when they get that.

2. Charge Well : Before charging for tweets, you need to understand the  organisation or person who actually owns the tweet. There are some tweets that you can charge like $2-$5, N300-N750 for and some others you have to charge big, as much as $25 or N3,000. I have even had tweets of N4,000 and my next tweet I have charged N18,000.Sometimes in a tweet, you are made to know how much you should charge.

Recently, I got a tweet asking me to charge $0.005 per my twitter followers which I actually calculated and saw it was like $120 or N18,000 and I just obliged. Addynamo wants you to earn well if you are a big name in the social media. Learn to charge well if you know you are a brand.

3. Link  More Than One Twitter Accounts: Addynamo  allows you link more than one twitter accounts. I currently have four and plan to add more when I can build a good list and a “brand”. I am working tirelessly on sweet niches that I can have followers want to visit my links and do a lot of retweets.

4. Do Not Accept All Tweets:  I try as much as possible not to accepts all tweets I see in my dashboard  Sometimes I know its not what my followers would click on so I just let it go. I love to make money but I also am not greedy. If the tweet does not apply to my followers, I will not attend to it but dismiss it right away.

Earning with Ad dynamo can be sweet and I can say they are our own www.sponsoredtweets.com.

I hope this helps.

This post was written by Michael Okeje. He is a website and mobile app developer. He is also an online marketing expert and a blogger. You can follow him on Twitter @michaelokeje and visit his blogs http://www.michaelokeje.com and http://www.arsetalks.com

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Download Private Photo App for Blackberry : Hide Pictures On BB

If you are the type that doesn't feel comfortable when someone else scrolls through your blackberry photo album just because you don't want them to see some pictures on your BB, worry no more as am sharing with you today, a blackberry app that lets you hide photos on your BB.

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How Much Does It Cost To Advertise With AdDynamo Pay Per Click Program?

Wondering how much it will cost you to put an advertisement online using Addynamo PPC program? Well, whether your objective is driving traffic to your website/blog, or developing your brand awareness, Addynamo lets *you* decide the cost to run your ads after you might have paid the $7 activation fee. There is no minimum amount that you have to spend. You have complete control of the cost.

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How Can I Download Facebook To My Phone?

You can get all of what Facebook has to offer on your mobile device so you can stay connected with your family and friends wherever you are, if you download Facebook app to your phone.

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Nokia Asha 205 Price in Nigeria: Phone With Facebook Button

Nokia Asha 205 and Asha 206 phones were unveiled in Nigeria on November 26, 2012 at Ikeja, Lagos. Both phones come with dual-SIM variants as well and feature a dedicated Facebook button for quick access to your social profile, and are available in several color combinations.

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Adsense Ads Disabled For Format Mimicking? These Tips Might Help

Before Christmas, I received a warning from Google Adsense Team about FORMAT MIMICKING and I was told to make changes within 3 working days. After reading through the explanation of the Format Mimicking Adsense Policy, I made some changes despite the the fact that I was confused about what changes exactly I need to make.

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Addynamo Twitter Service Paid Me $25 for Two Tweets

Making money online from Addynamo Twitter Sponsored Tweets is for real. So far, I have earned over $100 from tweeting for Addynamo and below is a screenshot showing my $25 earning from just two tweets.

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2013 New Year Offer: Get 15 Info Products

Hi Friend,

Are you ready to take an advantage of the New year to get a SUPERB offer that will never be found anywhere else again?

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Can Glo BIS Work On Samsung/Android Phone and Tab?

After posting "How I Browse With Glo BIS on iPad" and "How To Use Glo BIS On PC" to this blog, some Android users especially those using Samsung Galaxy phones and tabs keep asking me how they can browse with Glo Blackberry Internet subscription on their Android device.

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Download iRokoTv Application Free

You can now watch Nollywood movies on your mobile phone if you download iRokoTv app to your device. As at the time of publishing this post, you can download the iRoko TV application from Google play and Windows phone store.

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How To Add APN in Android Phone and Tab

You might need to change the APN settings of your Android phone or tablet when you are setting up internet on your Android device or if you are switching to a new network.

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Where To Buy Microsoft Surface Tablet in Nigeria

Recently, Microsoft announced the pricing for the Microsoft Surface with  Windows RT. The Windows RT tablet is pre-loaded with Windows RT, Microsoft Office 2013 RT2, Xbox apps and other essentials.

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How To Use Glo BIS On PC

Right from the day I published "How I Browse With Glo BIS on iPad", I have received loads of messages from my friends asking me if they can also use Glo BIS on phones and computers, with their 3G Modems. Well, you can use Glo Blackberry internet on PC and any mobile device that allows you to edit the Access Point (APN).

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2face Campus Connect: How To Vote at 2faceonline.com

Africa’s finest artiste, 2Face Idibia has planned to embark on a scheduled campus tour that would see him visiting various tertiary institutions in Nigeria for the first time in over six years. A 2Face Campus Connect competition has been designed in order to make school selection for the tour seem less of a task as well as to involve the beneficiaries.

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How I Sync Google Contacts To iPad Using Gmail With CardDAV

Syncing Google contacts to my Apple iPad allows me to keep contacts in my Google account in sync with my iPad. If I add new contacts at www.google.com/contacts, the phone numbers and names automatically appear in the "Contacts" app of my iPad 3G. Today, I am sharing with you, the new way to sync your Google contacts with the iOS contacts app using CardDAV.

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How I Browse With Glo BIS on iPad

Got hinted at Bloggerslab that Glo BIS (Blackberry Internet Subscription) now works on computer, smartphones and decided to give it a try on my iPad. Guess what? It's working perfectly as at the time of publishing this post.

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What You Missed at 2012 BloggersLab Get-Together

The 2012 BloggersLab Get-Together took place at Ikeja, Lagos on the 29th of December. Though, I couldn't make it to the event because of a brief illness but those that made it gained a lot and infact really inspired and fired up to make an astronomical mark, this 2013.

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Happy New Year 2013 + Bonuses

PS: Get bonuses and price slash on my products orders placed from now until Jan 8, 2013. Check them out here.


It's been a successful year for OgbongeBlog.

I appreciate your support for been a reader/ subscriber of this great blog. The blog is bigger and better than what it was at the end of 2011. If not for God and you, this wouldn't have happened.

Thank you so much for your incredible support in 2012; the Facebook likes, retweets, comments, Google +1s etc I cannot thank you enough for that.

I have some great plans for 2013 and I hope you will stick around.

I appreciate you and wish you a very wonderful 2013.

Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and your loved ones, I wish you peace, prosperity and happiness.

Stay blessed!

PS: Get bonuses and price slash on my products orders placed from now until Jan 8, 2013. Check them out here.

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How I Use "Custom Redirect" To Fix Adsense Crawl Errors

If you log into your Adsense account, you might notice some crawl errors on the settings page of your account. These errors, according to Google might have negative effect on your Adsense earnings. Hence, if you notice some in your account, it is always better you fix them as soon as you can.

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