Find Location of Anyone With Glo Family and Friends Finder

Now you can find the location of anyone with a Glo line or alert others when help is needed, using the newly launched Globacom Family & Friends Finder. User privacy is fully protected, as only if there is consent the other person can locate another one. If a person doesn't provide consent, one cannot be located by others.

By using this Glo exciting innovation, you can give yourself peace of mind about the safety of your family members and friends. Companies can also use it to optimize operations by locating employees on the go. Locations are defined with landmarks that are locally well-known places such as prominent buildings, market places etc

The Glo family and Friends Finder works in every phone. It is very easy to use with simple text commands that are sent to 5511. It can only locate someone using a Glo line.

Glo Family and Friends Finder

How To Use Glo Family and Friends Finder

==> Text "Find PhoneNumber" to 5511 to know the whereabout of a friend or family member. Costs N50 per request

Glo will send a text to the person to approve it by replying with YES or No. If the person reply with a "YES", Glo will text you the location of the person.

==> Text "LIST" to 5511 to see a list of people who can find you and those whom you can find. Costs N20.

==> Text "HIDE" to 5511 to make yourself invisible from the service so that people can't find your location for 24 hours. This costs N20

==> Text "UNHIDE" to 5511 to cancel the HIDE command

==> Text "WHO" to show a list of people who have used the service to find you in the past 24 hours. Costs N20

==> Text "SOS"to 5511 to send an SOS message to all those who you have allowed to find you that you are in trouble. Useful when stranded or in an emergency. Costs N20 per recipient.

==> Text "OK"to 5511 to send an SOS message to all those who you have allowed to find you that you are OK. Costs N50 per recipient.

==> Text "STOP GloPhoneNumber" to 5511 if you want someone to stop locating you.

==> Text "STOP" to 5511 if you want to stop using the service.

Alternatively, you can download Glo Family & Friends Finder from Google Play. The Glo finder is also available for Blackberry and other phones here.

That's all.

What's your take on this service?


  1. Matilda1/20/2014

    Nice innovation there. Can now track my boyfriend

    1. lol.. that's if he accepts. Besides, he can HIDE.

  2. Yes, it's cool especially since the other person will have to approve the request. The SOS commands makes alot of sense too.

    1. Yes. The SOS command is so cool.

  3. Anonymous1/21/2014

    I hope this won't cause problem in some relationships. Imagine a scenario whereby the service tells a boyfriend that his girlfriend is around one hotel... ;)

    1. lol..that's for relationships without trust and understanding

  4. Is the approval free?

  5. Chei, cheating wives don die

  6. Anonymous1/23/2014

    Can it work when the persons phone am trying to track is switched off? Nice concept


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