FlashDp.Net Lets You Create Animated Gif BBM display Pictures

FlashDP is a free service that lets you spice up your BlackBerry Messenger profile by allowing you create custom animated free BBM display pictures. There is no limit to how many FlashDP's or free animated BBM display pictures you can create, and no hidden cost. You can also use the generated Flash DPs on Twitter as avatar.

At flashdp.net, there are different FlashDP modes you can select from. The modes include: New Year FlashDP, Blinking name, Blinking Image, Soccer Supporters, Image & Text, Music/Movie Launch, Showcase Texts, Twitter Follow Tag and Birthday Wishes.

The "Birthday wishes" mode lets you create simple simple HBD messages and distributing them to your friends on their birthdays. Its way better than just typing it as your personal message, a birthday DP goes a long way. The "Soccer supporters" mode lets you show support for your favorite football club by creating a Soccer club FlashDP that shows the team you support!

How To Create a Flash DP

  • Go to www.flashdp.net
  • Click the "Create FlashDp" button. You will see a list of different modes
  • Click on the FlashDp mode you want to create from the list. If you need to see an example of what a   free bbm display picture looks like, click the “see example” link beside the modes name
  • A new page will open, asking you to enter the name to be displayed. Enter your name and click  "Create"
  • Scroll down the page to see your free bbm display picture FlashDP  
  • Hit the “Download” button to save it to your phone.

How To Create BirthDay DP at FlashDP.net

You can create a flash dp that complements a user on thier birthday. The flash dp can be given as custom made BBM gift.

==> Select "Birthday Wishes" from the list of modes
==> Click the "browse" button to select the celebrant photo from your device
==> Enter the celebrant name in the space provided
==> Select a birthday dp type from the drop down list and click "Create".

create birthday Dp

That's all.

Do you know other sites where one can create free animated BBM DPs?

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  1. Nice share there. The Birthday mode makes sense. Thx Jide

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