Google Scrapper Report Form For Reporting Copycats

If you see a scrapper URL outranking the original source of content in Google search, you can now report such URL to Google using the new Scrapper report form. This is Google's latest effort in reducing the activities of Internet copycats known as "scrapers".

According to Google, the form does not perform a spam report or notice of copyright infringement. For now, Google just want to use the data you submit to test and improve algorithms as Google is currently testing algorithmic changes for scraper sites (especially blog scrapers).

The link to the Google scrapper form was posted on Twitter by Matt Cuts; head of the webspam team at Google.

The form asks you the source URL, i.e. the original source of the content, the URL of the page stealing the content, the search results page where it is being outranked, and just a confirmation.

You can fill the Google Scrapper form here.

Such scrapper sites sometimes score higher than the original content in Google search results, thereby frustrating thousands of bloggers. So, if Google can do something about this, don't you think it will be cool??

NOTE: Use to report spam or to report copyright complaints. 


  1. Kayboy3/01/2014

    ahhh.. This is gobe oo especially for Naija gossip blogs oo

    1. Yea, i swear. Na dem go suffer am pass.

  2. Anonymous3/01/2014

    This is cool. I have some useless forums to report. Thanks for sharing bro

  3. Nice Post.#GistVibeMagazine

  4. Nice one. Google has really come to our aids. Thanks Jide for the update.

  5. This is good. @kayboy, you are right. Its gossip blogs that'll suffer this.

  6. lol. no more copy copy

  7. Its no longer working, but someone copy my post, i mean a lot of them, and is ranking better, pls what can i do pls?


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