How To Change Delivery Time of Feedburner Email Subscriptions

Few days back, I published a post to announce that the delivery time of Ogbongeblog email newsletters has changed. Ever since then, I've been receiving mails from some bloggers, asking me how they can also change their Feedburner email delivery time.

So, in this post, I've decided to share with you how to change the time when newsletters are delivered to your Feedburner email list. Just follow me through the steps:


    ==> Sign in to
    ==> Click on the name of your feed.
    ==> Click the Publicize tab.
    ==> Click “Email Subscriptions.”
    ==> Click “Delivery Options”

feedburner email delivery time

    ==> Select your "Timezone". If Nigeria, select (GMT+ 01:00) West Central Africa
    ==> Choose a time from the “Schedule Email Delivery” drop-down menu.
    ==> Click “Save.”

That's all.

When next you publish a post on your blog, it will be delivered at the selected time. Remember, if you do not post anything that day, no email is sent out.

I highly recommend you experiment with all times of the day so as to know the best time to set as your Feedburner email delivery time. You can change the delivery time and keep it for like a month or more so as to get accurate picture of the effectiveness of a particular time.

Which time do you prefer and why?


  1. Samson3/08/2014

    I think that 7-9pm is OK. According to my Facebook insights, that is when my fans are mostly online. SO, I expect same to apply to a Nigerian blog too.. just my own opinion though


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