Intagme: The Instagram Widget For Blogger and Wordpress Blogs

If you love to show your Instagram photos on your website, you can do so with easy by adding the Intagme Instagram widget to your site. The widget Works With Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr And HTML Websites! The widget is so simple to use and doesn't require any authentication. This simply means you can use the widget to show Instagram photos of any Instagram user or hashtag on your blog.

For example, if you own an entertainment blog, you can create an hashtag on Instagram to group celeb photos, then use the hashtag to generate an Instgram widget at that will display the celeb photos on your entertainment blog. If you are the type that loves quotes, selfies on Instagram, you can use the same trick to display them on your blog.

Instagram widget
Intagme Instgram Widget Generator

How To Add Instagram Photos To Blogger and Wordpress Blogs

==> Go to Instagme website -
-->  Enter your Instagram Username or a hashtag in the Instagram Widget Generator
==> Select Grid or Slideshow
==> Select your Thumbnail size (250 or 350 will be OK for the sidebar)
==> Select if you want a Photo Border or not
==> Change background color if you want
==> Click on the "Preview" button to see what it will look like
==> If satisfied, click on the "Get code" button

If you want to add it to a Blogger blog, log in to your dashboard, go to "Layout", click "Add a gadget". Select "HTML/Javascript" and paste the code inside the box. Save and view your blog.

For WordPress blogs, copy and paste the code in a Text gadget.

That's all.

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Have fun!

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