NairaForSMS : Nigeria Bulk SMS Provider

  • Are you looking for a bulk sms website in Nigeria where you can send bulk messages with a  customized name to thousands of people worldwide at ONCE?
  • Are you looking for a bulk sms provider in Nigeria that will let you buy sms online with your ATM card?
  • Are you looking for a bulk sms gateway in Nigeria that allows you to make money reselling bulk sms by using their bulk sms api for free?
Look no further as I introduce to you, is a reliable Nigerian BulkSMS site that offers Bulk Messages Services, allowing you to send customized bulk text messages and get them delivered instantly to thousands of GSM and CDMA cell phones in Nigeria and globally.

Whatever your SMS need is, be it for announcing your events (meeting, wedding etc),  for marketing your products, services, sites etc; you can rely on NairaForSMS to help you deliver the message instantly and as at when due. The bulk sms portal charges one unit per sms unlike some bulksms sites that charge 1.5 units or more to send one sms.

NairaForSMS allows you sign up for free and you will even get a couple of free SMS credit to test the platform. After a successful trial, you can purchase as many credits as you want and start blasting that message to any network you wish as soon as you wish.



Features of  NairaForSMS Bulk SMS Portal


  • FREE Test SMS units on registration.
  • Send CUSTOMISED Bulk SMS with desired SENDER ID.
  • Copy and paste recipient numbers
  • Upload numbers in .CSV or .TXT format.
  • Send messages to unlimited number of recipients.
  • Store and upload numbers from Phone book.
  • SCHEDULE messages for later delivery. Multiple scheduling available.
  • INSTANT delivery.
  • Buy SMS through ONLINE CARD payment and get credited instantly.
  • Receive SMS Alerts when you are CREDITED with SMS units after payment.
  • Free Api for Bulk SMS resellers
  • 24/7 Customer care.

You can follow on Facebook and Twitter  for weekly offers.

You can always check out the NairaForSMS blog for updates on free sms promos, bulk sms tutorials etc

Below is a sample of a recent free sms offer at the NairaForSMS Facebook page. 

Kindly go to now to send free sms with any desired name.


Bunmi said…
Nice design. Well done Oga Jide
Anonymous said…
Pls, what do you mean by free api? One dont have to buy sms to resell or what?
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Thanks Bunmi
Jide Ogunsanya said…
It means you won't have to be paying yearly to use the api of Nairaforsms.
John Umeh said…
I don't think this information is clear. What services do their api offer. Access to thousands of customers? Is it not what they are already charging for?
Jide Ogunsanya said…
The information is very clear. API is for resellers/developers that want to connect their bulk sms site or application to Nairaforsms
Onugwu said…
Thanks jide for the great info,kudo to ur great work