OgbongeBlog Email Delivery Time Has Changed

If you've subscribed to OgbongeBlog updates using your email address, you might have noticed that the delivery time has changed. If you didn't notice, well this is to inform you that I've changed the email delivery time to 7:00pm - 9:00pm Nigerian Time (GMT+01:00).

What this simply means is that any day that I publish new posts on OgbongeBlog, you will receive the updates in your email address between 7:00pm - 9:00pm Nigerian Time (GMT+01:00) provided you have subscribed for the email updates.

I've considered so many variables before effecting the change and I hope it will lead to maximum CTR.

You can click here to subscribe to email Updates now. Ensure you verify your subscription by clicking on the link in the subscription email you will receive.


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  1. OK but how can I also send emails to my blog readers?

    1. Activate feedburner email subscriptions at feedburner.com

  2. Folake3/05/2014

    If most of your readers are Nigerians, the time is OK. I think that's the time most Nigerians are online.

    1. Anonymous3/05/2014

      I disagree. That time most offices would have been closed as well as cyber cafes. Do you know what that means?

    2. You both have points... Most Nigerians that browse at home (maybe on Mobile Phones are always online around that 7-9pm) while the office browsers are not always opportuned to browse around that time. Do people still go to Cyber cafes anyways ?

    3. @Ayoole.. nice analysis there Some of those "office browsers" will have mobile devices they can still use at home. yes, some people still use cyber cafes oo

  3. Maybe, its time I subscribe fro Ogbonge updates.

    1. Do so now bro so you won't be missing the updates..


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