SEO Starter Guide by Google : Free pdf eBook Of The Week

Last week, I shared a free Microsoft Excel pdf guide to launch the Free eBook per week freebie on this blog. This week, I've decided to share with you, for free, the Search Engine optimization Starter Guide compiled by Google.

If you are interested in increasing the traffic your site gets from search engines, then you must download, read and implement all you read from the guide. Small modifications to your site or content could have a noticeable impact on your site's user experience and performance in organic search results.

This Google SEO book is world widely distributed by top Pro Bloggers and SEO analysts. It contains a lot of SEO optimization tips for guaranteed SEO . They include:

==> how to create unique, accurate page titles
==> how to improve the structure of your URLs
==> how to make your site easier to navigate
==> how to optimize the use of images
==> how to write better anchor text
==> how to use heading tags appropriately
==> how to make effective use of robots.txt
==> how to notify Google of mobile sites
==> how to guide mobile users accurately
==> how to promote your website in the right ways
==> how to make use of free webmaster tools

Google Seo starter guide
Google SEO eBook

How To Download The Google SEO eBOOk

==> Go to the Free eBooks Page here and do the needful. follow the instruction on the page.

That's all.

Apart from the 32-pages Starter guide, you will also download Google's One page SEO ebook for free at the page.

Have fun!


Joseph said…
Thanks Jide. The second ONE page seo ebook is really an eye opener for my sms site. Really grateful bro.
BabsHaybell said…
Hi jide.. Thanks for the guide. I have a favor to ask you. Can yhu pls prepare an how to guide on how one can organise this typo gveaways via FB offers? Wil Be Glad
I have downloaded mine, thanks .
mubarak aminu said…
hmm i already got this ebook
Thanks Mr jide i want the type of website i can use to set up my bulk sms site