Unable To Add App Domains To New Facebook Application? Try This Fix

While trying to get a Facebook App ID for a site yesterday, I noticed that the way I create new Facebook applications has changed. "App Domains" field has been added to the basic app settings page while the "Site URL" field is no longer visible until you add a new platform.

You must add a new platform before you can enter your domain name in the "App "Domains" field, if not, it will not save and it will display the error message below:

This must be derived from Canvas URL, Secure Canvas URL, Site URL, Mobile Site URL, Page Tab URL or Secure Page Tab URL.

To fix the problem, click on the "+Add Platform" tab on the App Settings page. Select "Website" if you want to get App ID for your site or blog. Thereafter, you will see the "Site URL" and "Mobile Site URL" fields where you can enter your site URL as seen below:

After saving the settings, you can then enter your domain name in the "App Domains" field as seen above. If you now save the settings, it will save successfully.

That's all.


Timothy said…
This is the exact reason I couldn't generate Facebook comment form for my blog. I clicked everywhere to find the site url box but couldnt find it. never knew I now have to add a platform first. Thx for this info Jide. So helpful.
Picreel said…
Thanks for showing me the way.
Jyoti Singh said…
thanx for this
Heespandexx said…
Thank you so much for this, i was creating the map, testing out, it gave me the app-domain error, i was like, what the hell do i need to do, i did make apps on fb but never filled in app-domains, thanks to you, i know now how to do it :)