How To Activate Verve Cards For Online Transactions at Nigeria ATMs

If one of the Nigerian banks that issue Verve cards issued one to you, you can use the card to pay for online transactions only if you have registered it for the Interswitch safetoken service. This is a system that generates a 6-8 digit One-Time-Password (OTP) whenever a transaction is initiated via the Interswitch Web Payment Platform.

Registering for the Safetoken enables you carry out transactions on any web merchant site that has integrated the Interswitch Payment gateway using a One Time Password (OTP) as a second level authentication process in addition to your Card Number, PIN and CVV2 code.

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For you to be able generate OTP for your Verve card whenever you are carrying out a transaction with it, you will first have to register it for the safetoken service.

You can do that at a nearest ATM by following the steps below:

==> At the ATM, insert your Verve card
==> Input your 4-digit PIN and press Enter
==> Select your bank account type eg Savings or Current
==> Select the ‘Quickteller’ option from the ATM menu screen
==> Select ‘Pay Bills’ from the Quickteller menu list on the ATM screen
==> Select ‘Others’ for the bill payment menu option list
==> Enter ‘322222” as the Biller Code
==> Enter your Phone Number as the Customer Reference Number and select ‘Proceed’
==> You will get a display “Do you want to make this payment?” Amount Due:N1. (DO NOT edit the amount to be paid)
==> Click on “Pay amount due

You will then get a confirmation page indicating the registration was successful.

That's all.

Thereafter, if you want to pay online with your verve card and you get to a stage where you are prompted to enter an OTP, you will get the OTP via SMS which you will use to complete your online transaction.

If you add the verve card to the Quickteller mobile application, you will also be able to generate an OTP from the application.

You can read ways you can generate OTP for your transactions here.

I hope this helps.


Jenny said…
Can't wait to try this at the ATM shortly. Will be so glad if it works. Thanks for the info Jide
Favour Ikagba said…
what if it is a naira master card, should i still follow the same process, in other to be able to use it on the quickteller website?
Jide Ogunsanya said…
No. Get a token device from GTB for the GTB Naira Mastercard. You will be using the device to generate security codes which you will be using to authorize your online payments.
Lawrence said…
Now I know the reason why Quickteller keep rejecting my card anytime I am trying to transact on the site...
daayur said…
its better, mybe i should do so for ma fcmb visa too which has refuse to buy anything online. thanks
Marx Oduogu said…
Thanks boss, lemme Follow instructions.
That's cool. But am afraid of scammers who will embed fake interSwitch payment gateway to their site and thus siphon ones life earning. Na dat kain fear dey catch me to attach my card to online payment gateways.
Gilbert said…
What about FCMB MasterCard. Have not been able to use it online. Do I need to activate using Quickteller?
maurice said…
thanks for this very informative post, but why does my Diamond bank atm not work with quickteller?
Unknown said…
What about a UBA master card?