3 Ways of Using Internet Technologies to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Better Job

This is a guest post compiled by Paul Eze  for OgbongeBlog

Gone are the days when applying for and securing jobs was totally a paperwork and offline thing. More and more people now use available technologies to get informed on and take advantage of job opportunities.

Whether you are looking for full time gigs, contract work or freelance jobs, you can take advantage of these four technologies in getting updates on opportunities you might be interested in;


You may be familiar with email as it's a well known means of online communication. However you can use email more effectively in your job search especially in filtering out unwanted job opportunities and ensuring you get only updates on the areas you are interested in.

Signing up for email job alerts on Ngcareers.com for example, you choose the specific specializations and keywords. You may want to set up email alerts from at least 2 or 3 reputable sources.

job search

Online Resumes

Many recruiters and employers prefer to search online resume/CV databases to get candidates whose profiles meet their requirements. Increasingly having visible online resume that appears in searches by employers can increase your chances of getting a phone call for interviews.

Just ensure you keep uploading your CV to job search websites you stumble on. The more sites you submit your CV to, the more the chances of been seen by employers that search such sites for job seekers. 


The micro-blogging site has become more than just a communication and news sharing platform. Using the right strategy like following relevant handles and hash tags related to "job search" can lead you to various job opportunities including lots of part time or freelance work.

Everyday people and organisations tweet about work opportunities they want to fill and if you are active on Twitter and know your way to finding this information you can soon be onto a good paying job.

Are there any new ideas or means you think people can take advantage of to increase their chances of getting job opportunities? You can share them via the comments box.

This post was written by Paul Eze. He is the co-founder of NgCareers; Nigeria’s top jobs and career site where thousands of jobseekers and career individuals find jobs based on interest and host their online resume to get found by recruiters and employers..

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  1. Good info there. I've never tried the Twitter option. Will give it a try. Thanks

  2. Anonymous5/05/2014

    Thanks but is there no way one can also use Facebook for job search? I spend more time there and will be glad to get an idea of how to use it.

  3. Facebook of course may have some use in Job search but Twitter is far ahead because employers and recruiters regularly tweet job openings. The key is to follow twitter accounts that tweet reliable job vacancies. You can also search for job related tweets with the right hashtags


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