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While trying to check the current price list of Tecno Android phones at SLOT throughout last week, the SLOT Nigeria website was not accessible. I also noticed that automatically redirects to I checked again this morning and I am glad it's now working fine.

The SLOT website now looks a bit different from the old design, although it still maintains the red/black/white colour theme. You can view the price list of all accessories, phones, laptops etc available for sale at SLOT by clicking on the "Products" link in the navigation bar.

SLOT Nigeria website

The search bar at the top of the site makes it easier to get the price of any phone or accessory and the site now features the "SLOT Magazine"; an online gadget magazine available at

SLOT still have a lot of work to do on the site especially as regards to the SLOT online store which is not fully integrated with the domain name. Making the "Sign in" and "Create an account" link to redirect to "" link is not really cool at all. I hope they work on this asap.

Check out the site and feel free to share your observation via comments.


  1. This great one from number phones dealer in Nigeria, now the site look mature.

    So i can order any products at Slot right from my home.

    keep it up sky will not be the limit. keep going.

    Thanks Mr Jide


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