SMS Portal Creator Script Version 4 (SPC4) Launched!

Afrisoft, has announced the launch of the version 4 of the BULK SMS Portal Creator aka SPC4. Bulk SMS Portal Creator Version 4.0 is the successor to the highly successful SPC High Earner which you can use to create a bulk SMS site like

SMS Portal Creator is a powerful Bulk SMS Portal Solution for online Bulk SMS businesses which provides SMS client management, message SMS Webview management, phonebook management, detailed billing, credit management, mobile Apps, Online payment integration, SMS routing and much more.

It supports every major HTTP SMS Gateway in the world, making it very easy for you to connect to their sms api from your Joomla powered bulk sms site. SMS Portal Creator 4 works with Joomla 2.5 and above.


Below are some of the new features of SPC 4.0, in addition to the features of the previous versions:

1. WEB VIEW : Members can connect to their account on your website from another portal or desktop without having to write any code or enter password.
2. BONANZA: Create bonanzas, promos and bonuses for new members, and existing ones.
3. FREE UNIT AWARD:   Give free units to members for special occasions or seasons.
4. PRICING MODELS: Place members on different pricing scheme, unit deduction and API
5. PHONE BOOK BACKUP:  Backup and restore your contact records on your mobile to your account on the portal
6. WEB SHOP:  Sell multiple products like recharge cards, e-pins, e-book, and downloadable products on your portal. You can even accept donations.

SMS Portal Creator 4 Install Key costs NGN14,790.00  at the developer's site as at the time of publishing this. You will have to pay NGN9,990.00 for SMS Portal Creator 3 to 4 Upgrade Key.

SMS Portal Creator version 3 still costs NGN9,990.00 per license.

If you need a pro to help you create your bulk sms website using your SPC4 script, feel free to contact me. The service is not free though.



  1. Thanks for the info bro but can it work with wordpress?

    1. It works with Joomla 2.5 and above

  2. Anonymous6/15/2014

    Wow! This is more expensive oo. having to pay around 9k to upgrade from spc3 to spc4 is too much. Will stick to spc3 for now jare

  3. Planning on starting a buk sms site soon.

    Thanks for sharing

  4. had love to know how to integrate it with joomla. can you help

  5. Not able to make a purchase


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