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If you are looking for a Nigerian blog where you can discover online business opportunities and online business marketing ideas, you may want to stop and check out Victory Akpomedaye's blog.

Simply put, it is an informative business blog that offers you user-friendly advice and tips on how to make money from mobile marketing, as well as other opportunities to make money online. The blog also features web development tips for webmasters and Bloggers.

VictoryAkpomedaye blog

Victor, the owner of the blog, is a serial entrepreneur, Mobile Marketing Consultant, Internet Marketer, Web Developer and CEO (SupremeWEB Solutions Limited). His blog is where he shares his expertise as well as impact on the blog readers, powerful marketing knowledge that will take their Internet efforts to the next level.

Some of the posts you might find interesting on his blog include:

==> The Easiest Way To Make a Sale Online
==> The Single Online Service Nigerian Politicians Are Begging To Pay For
==> How To Leverage Online Directories To Achieve Targeted Mobile Marketing Success
==> How To Earn Big From The 117 Million Mobile Phone Users In Nigeria
==> 7 Powerful Headline Formulas Learnt From Eben Pagan

You will discover more interesting articles when you browse through the blog. The blog is well organized in a very simple blog theme which makes it easy to navigate.

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Zaki said…
Nice share. Have bookmarked it. Hope to see you share more interesting blogs but not the copy and paste ones
Anonymous said…
Yea, the blog is cool. I have been following it for some weeks now. well done Jide
Nice Blog - Bookmarked
Jide Ogunsanya said…
lol @copy and paste.
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Thanks. Glad you like the blog.
Emmanuel said…
I have being an addict supporter of Nigerian blogs and it is a great thing getting to know one more.
Lawrence said…
Actually! I was here thinking on what I can write about since I am out of idea of a topic to pick and write about and this prompt me coming to Ogbonge site to read some blogging tips.

But thank God for this wonderful post that will surely lead to me writing lots of posts. All I just need now is getting the list of all my favorite blogger and start writing something about their sites

Thanks Jide for all always their for we newbies....